How to Profit with Social Media in 2021


Illustration of a woman with a giant pencil by some giant gold coinsIf you want to learn how to earn money through social networking sites, then I have 8 great ways to make money with social media that you’re going to want to try.

Let’s face it, it’s a lot more fun to post on social media than to work at a boring job, right?

The way it works today, brands need regular people like you to reach out to your followers and let them know which products and services you like. Since you have built up trust with your tribe, they’ll listen to what you have to say. As long as you do it in a way that doesn’t disrupt your brand, you can actually start to make a good living just with your social media accounts.

Of course, you don’t want to promote a brand with every post… nope. You can, however, post one thing a day, which might be once in every 10 posts or something like that. Your social media followers won’t leave you for trying to make a buck or two every now and then, right?

So here are some great ways to make money on social media in 2020 that we think you’ll really like and profit from.

1. Share Links Where You Both Make Money website

There are a number of places you can sign up where you share a link and if someone signs up, you both make some cash or get some credit or something. Over at, you can make $35 by signing up for the websites listed there.

You then share the same links with your followers and you earn with each sign up as well!

2. Earn $7 to $14 Per Follower Sign Up website

At, with just 3 easy steps, you share a link and that’s cash in your pocket! Sign up and then when your followers sign up with your link, you earn between $7.35 and $14.03 per follower. This can really add up – we’re talking BIG money here!

Let’s say you have 20,000 followers on your TikTok account. If only 5% of them sign up (which is 1,000) and you earn around $10.69 (the average) per follower, you’ll make $10,690 roughly. WOW!

Signing up for this program is really a no-brainer and it’ll be better to sign up before it gets too popular because once everyone’s doing it, nobody else will sign up. It’s best to jump on this opportunity really, really soon.

3. Tweet Out on Behalf of Your Sponsors

Sponsored Tweets website

When you sign up at Sponsored Tweets, you can get paid to post to Twitter. They also work with some big brands. If what you have lines up with what big brands want and if you have a Twitter account that’s hitting it big, check out this opportunity.

4. Make Money With Instagram

AspireIQ Website

There’s no doubt Instagram is hot and about the best place to make some money online. If you have carefully crafted your account and it’s rocking, then here are a number of places you can check out to help you monetize your hard work:

Again, make sure your account is in the best condition it can be in and then apply to these programs.

5. Affiliate Marketing

ClickBank website

You can make good money by sharing links in affiliate programs. One of the best affiliate programs to join is Amazon’s because they have practically every product out there. There are good ones like ShareASale as well.

Another one with good products in niches (topics) that make money is ClickBank. It’s been around a long time and they pay out pretty quickly once you start making some regular sales, which means money in your pocket sooner!

6. Sell Your Own Physical or Digital Products

Computer monitor illustration

This method will take a little bit more work but the payoff is bigger. What’s great about creating a digital product (think a PDF download or something like that) is that you make it once and keep on selling it. Right now, at the time I’m writing this, I’m getting orders for a book I wrote years ago. It’s out there, there’s almost no competition for it, and it’s information people want. I wrote a book and it sells pretty well.

Maybe you have a unique skill or know a lot about a particular subject. Consider taking the time to write a book and then set up a simple website to sell it. I wrote a course about how to do this if you’re interested.

Alternatively, you can also go find great products over on Ali Express, then set up a website to sell them. When you get an order, you simply drop ship the order – which means have Ali Express send it directly to your customer. You never have to handle inventory. Make sure you choose vendors with free shipping and easy returns. Heck, if the product is cheap enough, they can send the item back to you and you just send them another one if there’s a problem and you can still make money if you mark up the price high enough.

7. Set Up Shopping on Instagram

Instagram logos

And back to Instagram (since it’s so awesome), consider setting up shopping in your Instagram account. This is a great way to use affiliate links from Amazon or other partners.


Illustration of a man on top of gold coins with a megaphoneThe first thing to do, if you haven’t done it yet, is to figure out your brand. Decide what your account will be about and then stick to that topic and do no go off your brand. Do a variation of the same thing each time and people will know what to expect from you when they see your content.

For example, there’s a girl on TikTok that brings up ways to mess with people socially – like answering the phone and saying “Is John there?” instead of “Hello?” and things like that to confuse people. That’s her brand. She starts with the same intro each time that quickly explains what she’s doing and then she goes into her content.

That’s a good model to follow. Use the same intro each time (make it 1-2 sentences and be brief/to the point). By doing that, you’re keeping people engaged because they now know what is coming and they want to see it. It’s a psychological trick that you can use. No all psychological tricks are actually tricks but instead just good ideas, really, and ways to keep people engaged with you. Use those to your advantage. This is called NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and it’s used all the time by salespeople. With your social posts, you are actually doing selling – you’re selling your brand to people so they will like what you post and subscribe to your channel.

Next, once you get your brand established (this will take some repetition and consistency), you’ll start building dedicated followers who eagerly await your next post. At this point, you’ll really start getting some traction and you’ll start to go a bit viral. Just know that getting to that point will take some work and you won’t see results right away but just keep going – don’t give up. Stick to your brand, be consistent, and keep going. If you mess up and want to try something new later, that’s fine but just make sure you don’t give up too soon or you’ll never get anywhere. Get feedback and make adjustments. Respond to what people are commenting, too, so they form a relationship with you.

Your social channel is your small business. If you plan it and do it right (frequent posts, consistent to your brand), then you’ll build an audience that trusts you and that is when advertisers will want to work with you so you can make some money.

Good luck with your brand and content. If you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments below.


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