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Here is the strategy to use to get more followers on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so you can be an influencer in your niche. Once you achieve influencer status, you’ll have a loyal base of followers who support you. It’s really fun.

The topic of your social media channel can be anything – like fitness, cooking, travel, crafts, photography, parenting, cleaning things, health topics, interior design, party planning, self-defense, and lots more.

Let’s get into the tips!

1. Identify and Create Your Brand

The most important step is to figure out what your niche/topic is and then how your brand should look.

You want to choose a topic you know a good amount about (and maybe want to learn more) with broad appeal but not one that’s oversaturated. You can certainly take a topic that’s saturated and put a twist or your own spin on – that works fine.

Also decide how you’ll be different from everyone else. Check out the competition, see what they’re doing and then how you can improve and make your channel even better.

2. What is Your Value Proposition?

People will follow you for information and also for inspiration. What do they want to achieve? Also think about what emotion brings them back to learn more.

How can you leverage their needs and return high perceived value?

3. Stay on Your Brand… Always

As you start to produce content, make sure you stay on your brand. Maybe you have the same words you say at the beginning of every video or all your posts on your channel (blog or social media account). Maybe you use top 10 lists or maybe each post contains one, unique certain element. You need to be different and stand out but also be consistent with your brand.

People should be able to just see one of your videos or posts and know that’s you. You need to be using the same imaging / fonts / colors / logo, etc.

4. Post Regularly

Posting regularly does not mean you have to post 10 times per day. Maybe it’s once a week. Whatever you feel you can handle is good but then stay consistent with that. Maybe you post every Thursday morning – that’s one way. When you do something like that, you keep your audience waiting for your next post or video.

5. Maintain High Quality

The information you provide needs to be way better than just common knowledge. It needs to be very high quality content. This does not mean super polished and all that. It can just be you with your phone recoding something but the information you provide needs to be information you can’t just get anywhere.

Maybe your brand includes explaining things in a simple way – like “Simple Steps to…” or something like that. That’s fine but include steps people might not know about. You might have first-hand knowledge of this information from your experience or else you might choose to conduct your own experiments or research.

In any case, just make sure it’s high quality. This is why giving yourself time to produce something is important. Don’t stress yourself out with this project but make it fun and attainable.

6. Have a Call to Action

Ask people to subscribe, rate, comment, share, and follow you. Do this always – not just at the end but during the video/post as well.

If you have your own product like a book or website, invite them to it.

People are much more likely to subscribe and share if you ask them to. You have to ask. Doing this grows your audience massively.

7. Interact With Your Audience

Ask for feedback/comments and then respond to each one. This helps people stay with your channel knowing you care about your fans. This feedback can also give you really good ideas for more content in the future.

Thank your audience for subscribing and watching/reading. Let them know you appreciate them.

8. Promote, Promote, Promote!

Once you’re done posting your content online, you’re not done. Creating and posting is only 20% of the work. The other 80% is promotion! Actively promote your brand online via paid ads or free methods.
You can also reach out to other influencers and comment on their content. Get involved with the community and then subtlety promote your channel once in a while (don’t be too aggressive).

9. Keep on Going

You might not get much traction at first but just keep producing – you’ll get there! One of your posts will soon catch fire and go viral. When it does, you want to make sure people see other, great content on your channel. In order to get to that position, you need to be producing even when there’s not a big audience yet.

Pretend you have that big audience from day one because people may look back at your previous videos later and you don’t want to have a different feel. It should be consistent, as I mentioned, so just pretend from day one that you’re huge!

There you go, I hope this helped you think about how to get more followers to your social channel.

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