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Tony HermanHere’s a list of courses that I’ve either created, ones that I have had a hand in creating or ones I have permission to resell. These online courses are either PDF files, videos, or sometimes both. They’re all definitely worthy of mentioning here on my website.

I honestly wouldn’t mind giving a lot of this for free because I’d like everyone to learn this stuff and get excited about it. The problem with that is, people then put a low value on it in if their mind and they might skim it and then file it or delete it.

Instead, I found that if I charge a little something for it, I know they’ll take a good look at it because there’s a higher value set in their mind. When they do that, they are more willing to actually work on the methods explain and THAT, my friend, is when they start to succeed!

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Set Up a Website That Pays in 7 Days

Set Up a Website That Pays in 7 Days

Create a product and then learn how to get people to it and then sell it or put ads on it (your content). That’s the best way to make money online.

Selling it can mean charging for it or it can mean running ads or referring to affiliate programs. This is what we call “monetizing” it. With online content, you’ll want to do a mix. You’ll wants ads and affiliate programs on some things and then get to a point where you have a product to sell. Along the way, you’re going to build an email list, which is where the money is.

I’ve seen other courses out there that teach on this topic but one big difference with my course is that I don’t start with setting up the website. That’s on day 4. You first need to do some good research to find the right topic and domain name – that’s key.

Here’s how the course looks:

  • Day 1 – Let’s Get This Thing Started!
  • Day 2 – How to Pick the Right Topic So You’re Successful
  • Day 3 – Refine Your Topic to Make Ranking Easy
  • Day 4 – How to Set Up Your New Website
  • Day 5 – Writing Content So Search Engines Love You
  • Day 6 – Monetize Your Website to Start Earning
  • Day 7 – Promoting Your Content for Additional Traffic

We spend a lot of time choosing the right topic because that’s really important. It needs to be something you’ll love and something that’ll be profitable.

Upgrade to the GOLD VERSION of the book and get these exciting bonuses worth $48:

  1. Get access to the ONLINE version of the course with more videos – WORTH $19
  2. Get my 107 Ways to Make Money Online book – WORTH $7
  3. Get the 5 Ways To Start An Online Business course – WORTH $12

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"Easy Content Websites" course bookBuild Online Assets That Pay You Every Month

Imagine waking up like I do… I check my earnings from the previous day every morning to see how much I’ve made – and I didn’t even do any work the previous day!

You can have passive income but it, of course, first takes some work. I’ve done this method for the last 10 years now and it still works. I see revenue every day and it’s great.

This course puts a twist on that method because I found out what Google wants and I’ve created websites that get free traffic from Google. And I’m serious about that – you really don’t have to promote them much. Most courses focus on traffic but this one doesn’t. Some basic SEO to show Google your new website is out there is all you need – REALLY basic stuff that is easy.

Learn this method, put it into practice, and you’ll be waking up to seeing how much you’ve earned the previous day. It’s fun!

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Amazon Affiliate Profits bookHow to Become a Successful Amazon Affiliate

I’ve had amazing success being an affiliate with Amazon. It’s a great program because everyone’s already familiar with Amazon and the trust is already there. When you promote Amazon products on your website, you can make a commission on the sale and you don’t even have to deliver the product. Just sit back and collect your commission after you work on promoting your website.

The Amazon Affiliate Profits course is one I didn’t create but it’s a good course and you’ll get good training so you can be on your way to making some good, extra income – maybe even enough to eventually quit your job. Go check it out!

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Content Factory Mastery courseContent Factory Mastery

One thing you need for Internet Marketing – be it for the website of your business or for you own website where you make money online, is content.

Think about it… why do you visit websites? Why do you use apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s content! Sure, it’s content from your friends and people you follow but it’s still content. It’s something new. You know that when you go there, the content has probably changed and you want to find out what’s new.

The way you get traffic is still with content. It’s with good content, actually. Publish good content online and you’ll be successful – you will. Find out more how to do that with this Mastery course!

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1-Hour Product Creation1-Hour Product Creation

To start building your email list, you’ll need a good product to give away. Coming up with a really good one to sell can be a form of torture. It’s tough if you’ve never done it before, so here’s a course that will help you.

It’s almost like an “information product cheat sheet” because the tips in the short video course will help you create your own products in less than an hour!

Amazing, right?

This is like one of those “you can’t un-see it” moments but in a good way. Your eyes will be opened to be able to crank out products instead of slaving over them. Check it out!

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5 Ways to Start An Online Business5 Ways to Start an Online Business

Have you ever thought about starting your own online business at home? Maybe you’re not even sure what that really means. Maybe you’ve tried in the past but didn’t have good coaching, so you quit.

I want to help people who want to start making money online. I really want to show people good, profitable ways to build online assets – ones that pay them back. Once you get that going, it’s really fun – believe me.

Check out this course and learn more about how to start an online business that works. Click the link below to learn more about this course.

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Internet Marketing LifestyleInternet Marketing Lifestyle

Before you start putting a plan in place to start working from home, it’s a really good idea to find out what you’re getting into, right? Choosing the Internet Marketing lifestyle is much different than most people think and they might not be ready for it.

I’ve been there and I’ve done it, so I know. Doing it is great but I’m telling you, it’s really different than anything else. I don’t want you to get into and find it out yourself. Use this course as a tour of the Internet Marketing lifestyle.

Prepare yourself with this easy course. You’ll learn what it is, how to do it, and some tips to help you keep your sanity.

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