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Tony HermanHi There,

How things are written on a page has a HUGE impact on your sales. Persuasion is the #1 secret to marketing success and if you’re not doing it right, you’re missing out.

Yes, the money you’ve invested in developing your website and driving traffic to it is just wasted if your text/copy isn’t right!

Think of your website as a salesperson – because that is EXACTLY what it is!

  • Is it doing the best it can?
  • Does it actually know how to SELL?
  • Is it using certain psychological triggers that help persuade?

Professional Copywriters are Expensive!

Hiring a copywriter to do this for you can be expensive. We’re talking hundreds or even thousands of dollars easily.

Even just getting 2-3 key landing pages can easily cost $1,200 or more because copywriters need to first interview you, get up to speed on your business, gather information, and do research. Then, they can start working on what you need done.

It takes your time, you pay them a lot for their time, and you have to wait for results. This might be fine for big companies but for smaller businesses or solo entrepreneurs, THAT’S EXPENSIVE!

Skip That and Easily Do it Yourself!

This information-packed copywriting package has the potential of saving you hundreds and even thousands of dollars in training AND you can finally recover sales by converting more traffic on your website.

Once you have this skill, you can write your own checks because not only will you not have to pay a professional to write copy for lots of pages, but you can use it whenever you want.

Having copywriting skills will help you with:

  • Writing web pages
  • Writing emails
  • Developing brochures
  • Long page sales letter pages
  • Sales pitches
  • Writing proposals
  • Daily conversations with people!

This one skill can literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Once you know how to write with persuasion, you’ll start thinking and even talking that way – getting you more of the things you want when you talk to people or do sales presentations. Maybe even with your relationships with people. This is truly mind blowing!

You’re getting a lot with this package, so let’s get into it…

Content Writing Tips for Beginners Package!

Content Writing Tips for Beginners

Discover How to Become More of an Influence in Copywriting and Make More Sales!

Get This If…

  • You’re Looking to Get the Most From Your Copywriting
  • You’re Sick ff Failing When it Comes to Content Writing
  • You’re Needing to Get More Traffic for the Long Term – Not Just for Now

What You’ll Learn…

  • Increasing Sales
  • The Power of Words
  • Enticing Your Prospects
  • Correct Copywriting for SEO
  • Questions To Ask When Copywriting
  • Becoming a Better Copywriter
  • Outsourcing Copywriters
  • Copywriting Necessities
  • Using Headlines That Make Sales
  • Importance On Your Sentences
  • Perfect Copywriting
  • And MUCH More!

You Also Get…

BONUSES: Cheat sheet/checklist, mind map, and resources guide
  1. A checklist for a breakdown of easy-to-follow steps (WORTH $12)
  2. A mind map which covers what’s included in the guide (WORTH $7)
  3. A resource guide to help you find tools to help you even more (WORTH $7)

I’m Also Including “Writing Tips Made Easy”

Writing Tips Made Easy

You’ll learn tips on how to make writing easier for you so that it’s not so much of a chore. This is a must-have guide if you have a website. (WORTH $19)

What You’ll Learn…

  • The Right Way to Research Topics
  • How to Write Better in Less Time
  • What Works Best for Online Content
  • What Kind of Tone to Use
  • How to Correctly Structure Your Content
  • How to Convert More Readers into Buyers
  • And MORE!

Here’s Another… Copywriting Expert

Copywriting Expert book

“Must Know” Copywriting Secrets that Guarantee Success
(WORTH $17)

And I’m Also Throwing in My Books as a Bonus!

3 Bpnus Books

You Get…

  • 395 Power Words and Phrases (WORTH $27)
  • 448 Ways to Instantly Improve Articles & Headlines (WORTH $9.99)
  • 113 Article Headline Examples (WORTH $17)

Just changing or adding in a few power words can DRAMATICALLY increase sales. I’m doing it right here on this page – do you see it?

Imagine what will happen when you start making these powerful adjustments to pages on your website!

This is an Unbeatable Package!

You’re getting a complete “content writing tips for beginners” package to help get your website on track with more leads and sales. The best part is that you don’t even need more website traffic – you’ll be converting more of the traffic you’re already getting!

And then, once you are converting more traffic into leads and sales, go ahead and add more traffic to it knowing the money you’re spending on advertising is really paying off for you!

Let’s Recap What You Get…

  1. Copywriting Influence – Step-by-Step Guide (WORTH $27)
  2. A checklist for a breakdown of easy-to-follow steps (WORTH $12)
  3. A mind map which covers what’s included in the guide (WORTH $7)
  4. A resource guide to help you find tools to help you even more (WORTH $7)
  5. The Writing Tips Made Easy book (WORTH $19)
  6. Copywriting Expert – learn the known tactics of copywriting (WORTH $17)
  7. 395 Power Words and Phrases (WORTH $27)
  8. 448 Ways to Instantly Improve Articles & Headlines (WORTH $9.99)
  9. 113 Article Headline Examples (WORTH $17)


But I’m NOT Done! NOPE!

I really want to help you get your website’s copy in better shape, so I’m not done with this “Content Writing Tips for Beginners” package.

You also get these bonus tutorials:

4 More Courses

  1. How to Write Headlines That Sell
  2. How to Make a Squeeze Page
  3. Squeeze Page Breakthrough
  4. $350 Per Day Sending Emails

This is $397 in Additional Bonuses!

To get ALL this great information worth over $500, just do one thing

Buy the “Psycho Profits” course for $27!

Psycho Profits book

This is the easiest copywriting system available to the public with all the psychological triggers and 21 Laws of Persuasion to make sure the copy on your website works. There are proven results where pages convert at an unheard of 72%!

Imagine if you had that kind of power on your website!

Psycho Profits is literally like a university course on copywriting – it’s that good! It’s an education in a book and written in a way that’s super easy to follow. You are guided through every part of a page with an explanation of what to say, how to say it, and even examples which are clear and make it super easy to follow.

With Psycho Profits you also get:

  • 4 Bonus Modules
  • 2 Example Sales Letters
  • 2 High-Quality Information-Packed PDFs

You Also Get a 30-Day, Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee!

The total value here is worth well over $1,000!

Buy Psycho Profits Now for $27

All the bonuses and additional courses/books I list here ARE included!
It’s 21 items in total!
This is a complete no-brainer!

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