Why Does Our Website Only Work With the “WWW” in the Domain?

I was just on a webinar and the presenter said that his website only worked with the "www" in the website address.Really?I didn't know...
WordPress logo

How to Create a Child Theme in WordPress

Child themes let you customize your theme without disturbing the theme's core files. When it's time for updates to the theme, you can still...
Prevent WordPress XSS

Prevent WordPress XSS Vulnerability

I'll show you how to prevent and fix the WordPress XSS (cross site scripting) vulnerability that seems to make the news a few times...

Will Changing the Design of My Website Get Me More Traffic?

Having a successful website design company, I see it happen from time to time. Either we get a client or get a website maintenance...
Top 10 Website Ranking Factors

10 Tweaks to Increase Website Rankings and Conversions

Really every business owner wants their website to rank higher. Higher rankings equals more traffic, which equals more sales and leads, right? Yes, in...
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How Much Does a Website Cost to Build?

If you've never had a website built for you, you might be wondering how much it costs to have a website built. I get...

Final Reminder / Notice About Your Domain Name

Ha! I got one of these scam/fake notices today ("FINAL NOTICE - Your account is pending cancellation") which looks like this:This is a scam...
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Help! PDF Files are Not Opening in Chrome

I've seen a number of people talking about how clicking on PDF files no longer works with the Google Chrome web browser. I mainly...

What is FTP?

Learn what FTP is and how you use it to update the files on your website.

Copyright Dates on Websites

How Do I Update the Copyright Date on my Website Automatically? One way to tell if a website hasn't been updated in a while is...

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