Add a WooCommerce Sale Category

An easy way to have a page showing products on sale in your WooCommerce store is to add this shortcode to a page: ] Here's an...
WordPress Hack

Hide the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper Notice in the WP Admin

Here's the solution I found: Install the Add Admin CSS plugin. 2. Add this CSS into the settings (under the Appearance menu): /* Hide jQuery Helper...
Have a Vimeo Video Autoplay, Muted, and Closed Captioned

How to Embed a Vimeo Video With Autoplay On, Mute On, and Captions On

When embedding a video on a page for marketing purposes (where someone might not expect to see your page, especially), it's nice to have...
GoDaddy Domain Notice

Action required: Verify your contact info. Emails From GoDaddy

If you receive an email from GoDaddy saying the following: Double-check your domain contact info. ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, requires us...
Force Google to Crawl Your Website

How to Force Index Your Website With Google

Use This Special Tool to Get Possible Instant Rankings When you publish new content, it sometimes helps to give Google a little nudge so they...
Connect a Domain Name With Website Hosting

How to Connect Your Domain Name With Your Website Hosting

If you've bought a domain name and website hosting for that domain name, you need to get the domain name pointing to your hosting....

Why Does Our Website Only Work With the “WWW” in the Domain?

I was just on a webinar and the presenter said that his website only worked with the "www" in the website address. Really? I didn't know...
WordPress logo

How to Create a Child Theme in WordPress

Child themes let you customize your theme without disturbing the theme's core files. When it's time for updates to the theme, you can still...
Prevent WordPress XSS

Prevent WordPress XSS Vulnerability

I'll show you how to prevent and fix the WordPress XSS (cross site scripting) vulnerability that seems to make the news a few times...

Will Changing the Design of My Website Get Me More Traffic?

Having a successful website design company, I see it happen from time to time. Either we get a client or get a website maintenance...

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