Do Not Forget This Step With Your New Offer on WarriorPlus


Missing this step killed the first launch I ever did.

I wasn’t getting anyone interested in my offer. The launch date came and went… crickets.

So, I thought I’d post this as I just made another offer live and hopefully it’ll help someone else who is new to publishing on WarriorPlus. You have to admit that going through the process is a bit wonky the first, couple times. It’s not too intuitive. It’s a great system with lots of super great features but you have to get used to it, for sure.

Here’s how the general process works for publishing your offer:

  1. Create your product(s). Create all of them – the main product and all your upsells and downsells.
  2. Create your offer. The offer contains your products. You’ll have to first create the offer and then add your products. This is where you add the buy buttons and “No, thanks” links if you have any upsells or downsells.
  3. Submit the offer for approval in the marketplace. As of the time I’m writing this, you need to make sure you have absolutely NO claims saying people can make money. It’s not just specific amounts of money but no claims that people will make any kind of money. They’re getting stricter about this.
  4. Once you get approved (they may ask you to change things – if so, graciously make those changes), make sure you turn the offer on. This means change it from private to public. The first time, I thought that since it was being approved for the marketplace that… once approved, it would be in the marketplace. That makes sense, right?

    That’s not the case, you need to go into the settings and change it to public. You can also change it to be eligible for the Deal of the Day.

Here are some screen shots showing how to do the steps of making your offer public so that it shows up in the marketplace where people can search and find it – or so that affiliates can see it and sign up to promote your offer.


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