Get Started With Cryptocurrency (TRENDING)


It’s Easier Than You Think and There’s an Important Reason
to Buy at Least SOME Crypto RIGHT NOW…

I’ll Even Give You 5 EASY Ways to Start – Including $60+ for FREE

A recent survey says that nearly 66% of people are interested in cryptocurrency. Is that you?

I started investing a little while ago and I’ve done well. I’ve made a few thousand since October 2020 not even investing very aggressively – I just keep taking out profit. It didn’t take much.

Buying cryptocurrency:

  • Is easy to do
  • You can do it with any budget – just $100 to get started
  • You don’t have to know a lot to get started
  • You can get $60 or so for free – just by watching some fun videos

In a nutshell, cryptocurrency is digital money. Pretty soon, everyone will be using it, so now’s a great time to start. The advantage of starting now is that most crypto is in the investment phase, so what you put in could go up – there’s a good chance.

And, before we go any further, I am NOT a financial expert and this is not financial advice. You’ll be doing this at your own risk.

At the time I’m writing this, Bitcoin (BTC) has been up to $64,899. That’s over 60 thousand of your Federal Reserve Notes (dollars) to buy just 1 Bitcoin… think about that. That’s way higher than gold! Yes, you can’t physically touch it, but it’s still real. You don’t really touch the money that’s in your checking and savings accounts, and that’s still real, right?

It’s very possible we could see $200k, $500k, or even $1 million per coin eventually.

Back in June 2020, Bitcoin was at $9,000 (per coin) – that’s when I got in. In December 2020, it hit $23k and people were wondering if they missed the big chance to get in… no way! If we’re not at $160-200k per coin yet, it’s probably still a good time to get in.

BTC price chart

And you do not have to buy a whole Bitcoin. I haven’t. You can start with as little as $100 if you want. Whatever you invest shouldn’t be money you need. Investing does involve risk and this money is not insured.

Get Started Right Here… It’s Simple

The best way to start… is to just start.

Create an account at Coinbase. ← When you use my link and deposit $100, you’ll get $10. And there’s another way to get FREE crypto when you join (I’ll get to that below).

Coinbase on a laptop and mobile deviceA decent strategy for that $100 initial investment is:

  • $50 Bitcoin (BTC)
  • $25 Ethereum (ETH)
  • $10 Algorand (ALGO) – you earn 6% interest (APY) – this is your safer money that generally goes up
  • $15 in whatever you want (do some research) – I like Cardano and Filecoin

The main, two coins are Bitcoin and Ethereum. The rest are referred to as alt coins (alternative coins).

Then, once you join, there are videos on Coinbase you can watch and earn more crypto for free. The videos explain what those coins are, so this is why getting started is the best way to learn.

→ At the Very Least… Do THIS – You’d Be Crazy Not to ←

Even if you don’t put any money into your account, go to Coinbase, create an account, watch the videos and earn that free crypto (around $60 or more usually) – you can’t lose there.

I’ve made a couple hundred dollars already just from their videos. It’s a few bucks per video, but watch all that you can, then let that crypto sit in your account and go up. You also get to learn a bit how it all works.

4 MORE Great Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency (Even for FREE)

1. Presearch

Presearch Search Engine

Next, create an account over at Presearch and use that as your search engine. You’ll earn PRE coins with every search.

As I’m writing this each PRE is worth about $0.08 and I have 38 PRE in my account, so that’s $1.14.OK, that’s not much but I’ll be doing more searching in the future and the price could go up, so why not do this? Google isn’t paying you to search.

And, there’s a Google icon on the left of the results page, so if you don’t like the results, it’s easy to see what the Google results are.

2. CryptoTab Browser

CryptoTab running on devices

If you use Chrome on your computer, why not change to a web browser that also mines Bitcoin for you?

The CryptoTab browser does exactly this. It mines Bitcoin using your computer. It will use some power and resources using a desktop or laptop (not on a phone), but if the price of the coin goes really high, this will be well worth it.

I have it running on a cheap laptop. It just sits there and runs, cranking out earnings for me.

You can even have it running on your cell phone at the same time, not even using your own CPU – just a little battery. I run it on my iPhone and just refresh the app once a day and before I go to bed.

If you’re not doing this yet… I mean, why not?

3. Mine Pi

Pi coin app on a phoneNext, download the Pi app and mine Pi. You’ll earn the PI coin daily by clicking a button on the app.

Don’t worry, you’re not using your phone’s CPU for mining power and it uses very little/no battery. You just click a button daily and it can be in the background. You even get a reminder every day to do it. They do show ads sometimes, but you’re putting Pi into your account.

Like I said, you’ll get a reminder to click the button every day. It really can’t get much simpler than that.

I have 200 PI right now. If each coin eventually hits $25, then that would be $5,000. If it hits $200 (as some people are expecting), that would be worth $40,000!

Honestly, this one might not amount to much… you’re taking a gamble. In one way, it seems kind of like a “get paid to watch ads” kind of thing where what you’re getting paid in might not ever be worth anything. But, if one click per day isn’t going to kill you, then take the chance that it might pan out to be something one day.

Use “tcstix” as your referrer because it’ll ask you for this.

4. Mine Helium

Yeah, don’t you love the names of these? This isn’t the stuff that makes your voice sound funny, it’s a crypto coin.

Nebra Helium minerHelium is basically the network that is used for IoT, which means “Internet of Things.”

There are devices out there that need an internet connection without wifi. This is how that’s done. The idea is to cover the entire country in this network and Helium is doing that.

What you’ll do is buy a mining device, which looks like a small router with an antenna. It uses just 5-10 watts of power, which is low. You’ll plug it into your network and when your connection is used, you earn Helium.

The device to get is the Nebra. It’s like $300 (and I just bought 2 of them), but the earning potential is pretty huge.

What you do is go here: Coverage Map

Find someone using a miner in your area. Each miner reaches about an 11 mile radius, I’ve heard. There’s a ruler on the map if you want to measure that out.

Click on it, grab the name, and go here: Helium Explorer

Pop that name in the search and see how many rewards that miner has made in the last month.

Then, check the price for Helium and you’ll find out how much you can make per month. The more that are in your area, the better.

For example, if it makes 18.51 HNT (Helium) per month and the price of HTN is $16, then that’s $296.16 per month.

You should earn back the cost of the unit in 1-2 months. After that, it’s all profit, baby.

The units have to be like 300 meters apart, so I’m setting up one at home and one at my office. All units are currently on backorder, so get your order in now.

With how things look in my area, I should make around $331 per month with both of them. When you invest in something that keeps paying you, that’s an asset. This is how rich people think – don’t trade time for money, but obtain assets.

My Advice & More Great Info

I’ve gotten a few friends into crypto already. It’s fun to watch – just don’t obsess over it or you might go crazy when it goes down (and it will). If you’re new to investing, go at this slowly.

The two bits of info I have now (May 2021) are:

  • The dollar might collapse. This will cause people to invest in crypto, driving prices WAY up. I mean, just imagine if 25% or 50% of the country started putting their money into crypto because of inflation because of all the spending going on (money is being printed, bringing down the value of the dollar since it’s not as rare). It might be good to invest now and, in doing so, you could see a big return on your investment (as everyone buys) as well as protect yourself (hedge) against the falling dollar.
  • You need to pull out before this all drops. People are saying September 2021, but it could be sooner. Keep an eye on things. Once you make a bit, take out your profit so you don’t end up losing. Moving it to US Coin or even to gold at that point would be a good move. Gold is never worth nothing.

At the time I’m writing this, all of these coins are worth more than the dollar:

  • Comos (ATOM): $18.02 (earns you 5%)
  • Litecoin (LTC): $227.09 (I bought this at $25)
  • Chainlink (LINK): $31.69
  • Maker (MKR): $3777.73
  • Compound (COMP): $514.65
  • And many more.

When I go to India, one of my dollars is worth like 72 rupees – in that case, you can see how 1 dollar goes a long way. In the case of crypto, it takes 227 of my dollars to equal 1 Litecoin or nearly $60,000 of my dollars for 1 Bitcoin. This shows you how weak the dollar is getting (prices are going up and sizes of items are going down… that’s inflation). It just makes more sense right now to trade your dollars for something that is going up in value.

You can even store your crypto over at Celsius and earn very good interest on it (like 15%) – much higher than what you get at the banks. Banks just take your money, lend it to others, then give you a few crumbs. Those days are over.

Do your research. It’s fun to learn new things. There are some really cool technologies being built on blockchain (the tech that runs all this). The next version of the World Wide Web will be run on it – as well as a lot of your life, actually.

Learn more about cryptocurrency here – CLICK




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