PayPal scam

PayPal Phishing Email Scam

Here's another one - and I do report these to so they can try to shut these phishing sites down. You can forward...
Mailchimp Phishing email scam

Mailchimp Phishing Scam

This one's pretty obvious but let's take a look: Subject: der Alert MC00534427 : limit applied to your account verify now OK, that's terrible English, capitalization...
Fake Dropbox email

Dropbox Email Phishing Scam

I got another good one... a fake Dropbox email this time. And these guys are stepping up their game a little bit, too. From: Dropbox Subject:...
AWS phishing email

Another Amazon AWS Phishing Email

Here's another one I received - these scammers love me: "Attention required on case 98177469: unsuccessful in charging your credit card for your AWS usage...
IONOS Phishing Email

IONOS (1&1 Hosting) Phishing Email

Here's another phishing email that showed up. Let me show you how I can tell this is a phishing email: This one's kind of funny...
Amazon Phishing Scam

“Your Amazon Web Services Account” Phishing Scam

I received 4-5 of these messages recently and they're a phishing scam. "We are unable to validate important details about your Amazon WebServices (AWS). Please Confirm...
AMEX phishing scam 2

American Express Account Suspended Phishing Scam

Here's another phishing scam I received today... Subject line: "Unusual Activity Detected" Wow, they love me. This one seems a bit more well crafted than the...
OneDrive Scam Email 2

How to Check if an Email is Real or Not (Phishing)

I just received this email and noticed it's a phishing email, so I thought I'd explain a few ways to easily check for scam...

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