"That's Not Written Write"

Commonly Mis-Written Words

OK, English is tough. There are so many rules and exceptions that it's not easy to keep things straight. I'm fortunate to have grown...
Make $2,000 per Month Not Writing Articles

Make $2,000/mo NOT Writing Articles… What?

Here's a quick way to make some good money writing articles - except you don't have to do any writing. There are companies that need...
7 Easy Tips to Get Responses to Emails

7 Quick Tips to Get Responses to Your Emails

When writing business emails, have you ever noticed how some emails you send get instant responses while others take people forever to respond to...
How to Make Money Copywriting

How to Make Money Copywriting

Lately, I took some online training about copywriting and I'm involved with a community of copywriters now - both those new to it and...
Woman working on a laptop

A Better Website Starts With Copywriting

Are You Frustrated and Angry How Your Website Gets Traffic But No Sales? If so, I have some great news for you... REVEALED: The Cure for...
A guy holding a sign that says "Solution"

Write Sales Pages That Convert Visitors into Buyers

Craft the message in your articles and landing pages in a way the gets more sales, conversions and ultimately, more revenue.

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