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Tony HermanLet me help you get more traffic to your website and help you with other things as well!

This page lists books and products I’ve put together with my “No Crap Guarantee” so you know it’s good stuff. Some resources here are free and others are low cost. Some are free at, too!

There are PDF and Amazon Kindle versions.

For the PDF versions, you can buy them here at my website.

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Marketing Emails Convert Like CRAZY10 Easy Ways to Make Your Marketing Emails Convert Like CRAZY

Would you like to DOUBLE or TRIPLE Your Email Conversions in Just a Few Minutes?

This easy to read, 9-minute guide will transform how your write email and, better yet, INCREASE conversions like crazy.

These 10 proven steps can turn anyone’s boring emails that most people just sent to the trash to emails that people will want to reply to.

If it’s finally time to turn your marketing emails around, go check out this simple, yet powerful guide.


Featured Snippets - The Secret Sauce to RankingHow to Get Lots of Website Traffic
Even if You Suck at SEO

They call it “position #0” because it’s above ranking #1.

Your website can end up there if you know what to do.

I’ve been ranking websites up at position #0 for years now and this book explains how you can do it. Once you do, you could see floods of traffic to your website.

What’s even better is, those floods of traffic in free traffic are people interested in what you have to offer. I mean, what’s better than that? Never worry about getting website traffic ever again.


The SiteBoostr MethodSiteBoostr Method

I can’t believe I’m releasing this. I’ve really only kept this private for extra training I do with people. They’ve had to sign up for it after purchasing other courses for me. For the first time, I’m releasing it for anyone to access.

Use this method to boost website rankings with backlinks. This strategy straight up works.

I use it, it’s Google-safe, many of the backlinks are free, but there is a small cost for buying some domain names you’ll need (there’s a sneak preview).

I’ve used this on a brand new domain and it worked perfectly, but I suggest using it on websites that are a few months old.


"107 Ways to Make Money Online" GOLD Edition107 Ways to Make Money Online

This is my latest book and I’m really excited about it.

If you’ve never made a dollar online, this is your chance.

When I first did, I danced around the house. I was so excited that someone bought something I made!

To make money online today, you don’t have to make something – you can if you want, of course, but there are other ways to make your first $100 online. It’s simple things like watching videos or uploading photos from your phone. That’s easy, right?

In fact, as I was writing the book, I uploaded a photo and made $0.99. For just one photo in just a few minutes! Crazy, right?

Most online money making methods just explain ONE way to do it. There are lots of complicated steps and then after you invest the time in understanding it and setting it up, it doesn’t work. That’s why I took a different approach…

Instead of just 1 way, I’m giving you 107 ways!

Pick the one you like the best or combine a few ways. It’s up to you!

If you really want to have the freedom to work for yourself, work where you want, and work when you want, this book can start you off in the right direction.

Start working a little bit at night or in the mornings and, pretty soon, you’ll have that extra money you need to pay off debt or go to a nice restaurant once a week (like you see other people doing).

Now’s your chance to get ahead. Go check it out!

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448 Ways to Instantly Improve Article & Headlines book cover448 Ways to Instantly Improve Articles & Headlines

Do you need a way to improve the content on your website and get more clicks/traffic?

Do you dread writing content for your website?

Would you like some sales formulas that you can incorporate into your writing to sell more products?

This book is for anyone who either needs help writing content for their website or someone who would like more traffic with the content they already have. The book goes over ways to write content (articles/blog posts), how to write compelling titles that show up in Google that gets you more clicks to your website and how that helps improve your search engine rankings. Yes! All from how you’re writing articles and headlines.

Take the torture out of writing… today!

Read More | $19.99 $9.99 PDF

Install SSL on WordPress for FREE - In Just 10 Minutes! - BookInstall SSL on WordPress for FREE – In Just 10 Minutes!

Get step-by-step instructions on how to have all the pages of your WordPress website load securely using an SSL certificate. The certificate is free to get and you don’t need to buy software to get it working.

This book is a guide to seeing if you need an SSL certificate and then how to get one yourself and get it installed… and the installation takes just about 10 minutes, so it’s easy!

Getting all pages of your website to load securely removes the ugly alert messages that search engines and web browsers use to label your website as being insecure. By doing that and showing a green lock symbol, your website looks like more trustworthy, inviting people to it.

Read More | $14.99 Buy $6.99 PDF

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Free PDF DownloadAffiliate Marketing for Beginners PDF

Have you ever wanted to make money with a website?

Making money online is fun but you do need to set things up the right way. You need to pick your niche/topic, which is what your website will be about. Maybe you like fishing or knitting. Maybe you’re good at fixing dishwashers. It can be about anything that other people are interested in and where there’s something you can sell.

When you sell other, pre-made products and just collect a commission on the sale, that’s affiliate marketing. It’s great because you don’t need your own products and you get to choose from products that are proven to sell. You can forget about making a product (or book) and then doing testing to make sure it’ll sell, then get people to promote it – none of that. It’s a lot easier than that!

This FREE (yes, free!) guide explains what you need to know to get started. You can go through it all in one day or split it and work on it an hour a night. It’s up to you.

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Turbocharge Your Ads by Tony HermanTurbocharge Your Ads

Get 7 Times More Response to Your Ads With One Simple Secret

Do this one change to your advertising – be it online or offline and you’ll multiply your clicks, leads, and sales. You basically force people to click on your ads to find out more.

This book includes a formula you can use to start getting more clicks instantly.

I give you examples and I show you why some ads never get clicked on. Once you learn this, you’ll have more clicks on your ads than ever before.

$18.00 | $8.99 PDF | $8.99 Kindle

Website Traffic HacksWebsite Traffic Hacks

21 Powerful Secrets to Get 300% MORE TRAFFIC to Your Website in Just 7 Days

If you’re struggling to get traffic to your website, you might just be doing the wrong things.

Like all good things worth learning, it helps to have a coach. This book is a guide to help you explore new ways to promote your website to get more traffic. If you follow what’s in this book, you’ll see more traffic – even up to 3 times more in a week – sometimes even more than that.

Building a website is only 20% of the work. The remaining 80% is doing promotion and most business owners aren’t doing that much. So if you are committed to doing something about website promotion, then this guide is for you.

$17.00 | $3.99 PDF | $3.99 Kindle

Easy WordPress SiteSpeed by Tony HermanEasy WordPress Site Speed

Are you wondering why your website just doesn’t rank high?

It might be because it’s just too slow. Google wants websites that load quickly so they can give the best results for searches – yes, fast websites are good results.

I’ve got you covered with a WordPress Page Speed guide to get that website faster.

This is a whole education on site speed and how to get your website running fast. It’s full of videos, PDF guides, and more. The best thing? It’s free. Yeah… totally free.


Checklist of Good Free Backlinks bookGet Your Site Ranking With the Best Backlinks!

Links pointing to your website is a ranking factor – Google admits it.

So what are you going to do about it?

Bad links can actually bring your website DOWN in rankings… you don’t want that!

I’ve put together a checklist of sources where you can find the best backlinks for your website because this is information that’s too good to keep to myself.

Here’s a checklist of the best backlinks to get. Download this essential list that also includes important advice you’ll need when building links to your website.


Website Passive IncomeWebsite Passive Income

Do Something Once and Keep Getting Paid

In this short book, I break down what it really takes to have a website continually bring in passive income.

Getting income on autopilot from just having a website isn’t what most people think. It’s definitely not magic either. It works but only in certain conditions.

This free book gives you my knowledge on passive income from websites where you actually get free traffic from Google. What you do with that traffic is up to you (that’s the fun part) but if you’ve ever wanted to get into making money online, this is what works for me.

$17.00 | $5.99 PDF

Install WordPress Guide

Instead of making an actual book, I created a (somewhat long) one-page website about how to install WordPress. It walks you through doing it. In fact, it goes through two ways of doing it – both the long way where you set up the database and files and then the quick and easy way.

I also explain how to install plugins and themes. The page lists which plugins I recommend for your website to run smoothly, too.

You learn how to install WordPress and how to get up and running with your new website. If you’ve always wanted to learn WordPress, this is a great place to start. Go check it out.

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How to Increase Your Social Followers

Build an Army of Raving Fans!

To get more people following you on social media takes more than just winging it. You need a good, proven plan in place to help get you there.

The best kind of content to post is something that makes the sharer look good sharing it.

In this book, you’ll learn tips like that which big time influencers do to get more people following them. They are steps you can easily do yourself but you first have to know what to do, right?

This book explains how to get more social followers for platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook. The tips are great for individuals wanting to get more people following them as well as businesses who would like to see social media finally pay off for them.

Build an army of raving fans!


Getting Traffic - SEO for Small BusinessGetting Traffic: SEO for Small Business

If you don’t know what SEO (search engine optimization) is or you want to get your small business website to rank higher, then this book is perfect for you!

There is a lot of easy SEO you can do yourself or hire an intern to do for you that will help your website rank higher.

I’ve been talking with small business owners for 20 years and I’m one myself, so I understand your position and that you need your website to rank high on a shoestring budget.

This book is available on Amazon but you can read a bit more about it here before going over to Amazon.

Read More | $49.99 Buy $17.99 PDF

99 Side Hustles You Can Start Today99 Side Hustles You Can Start Today

Need a higher balance in your checking account? There are some great ways to start earning from home on your own time. More and more people are doing this now since working at home has increased.

If you need a good boost to get started, grab this book.

There are many ways you can even earn $100 in a day.

Getting a nice boost is what some people need – some early success online. I’ve packaged up exactly how to do that.

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"Bonus Cash Explosion" bookBonus Cash Explosion!

A 5-Minute “TRICK” Gets You Extra Money From EXISTING Traffic

If you have a website already that has some traffic, then this is perfect for you!

You can make some extra, bonus cash with that website!

You’re basically capturing the traffic that leaves and you turn a bunch of it into a monthly paycheck. I’ve been doing it and it works great.

Within a few minutes, you could be reading about how to do this and you could have some extra cash in your pocket in no time. Enjoy!

Read More | Buy $17 $5 PDF

Get Free Stuff Online bookGet Free Stuff Online – Free Products, Samples, and More!

There’s LOADS of free stuff on the Internet… it’s a little crazy. Maybe you thought that those offers aren’t for you but they ARE! In this FREE book, I show you how to get them the easy and smart way so that your email address doesn’t end up getting spammed to death.

  • Get FREE Samples Sent to You
  • 11 Ways to Get Paid for a Few Clicks
  • Gift Card Offers
  • Learn the Right Way to do it
  • Start Now – Instant PDF Download

Just another free book I’m offering… you’ll find lots of value and a little humor when you get in on this.

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Follower CashFollower Cash

Do you want to make money as a social media influencer? What if you don’t have 100k followers yet? Well, you still can!

With this very simple system, you can earn over $7 per follower that signs up with a simple link you share with your followers. There’s really not much more to it than that. You can have it set up in about 9 minutes and be earning.

If you have 10,000 followers and a mere 5% of them sign up, that’s an easy $3,500 or more in your pocket.

I’ve had this kind of system in mind for years and I finally have it available to the public to start earning for all that hard work you put into your social media channels. Be your own boss, learn how to get more followers, and get paid for the followers that sign up!

Learn More | $12

10 Essential Items for Any Local Business Website

10 Essential Items for Any Local Business Website

If you have a local website and you want to rank high in your area, then download this checklist that helps you get your website more visible.

This is a shorter book but it has great information about the steps you can take to get you local, service-oriented small business website to rank higher when people do searches in your area.

This is a good supplement to my Getting Traffic: SEO for Small Business book and this book is FREE!

Just sign up for my email list, where I give you great tips and where you get notified when there are new articles on my website and the link to download the book will show up in your email.

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395-power-words-cover395 Power Words and Phrases

Want to make your headlines and copy pop? Stand out? Make more of an impact?

Sometimes it just takes changing a few words.

Beautify your copy and make your headlines breathtaking! Hurry to get this free guide on how to join the big leagues with mind blowing website copy!

Those last 2 sentences had 6 power words / phrases in them – see them? They are in bold. See how that works? Change a few words and the text on your website becomes more exciting to read and it gets the reader pumped up.

This is a FREE book that contains 395 of these great power words and power phrases that you can refer to any time you’re writing headlines and copy for your website.

Read More | $27 FREE!

113 Article Headline Examples113 Article Headline Examples

To help you get ideas for what to write about and to make sure your headlines are compelling enough to get clicked on, this small book has 113 examples of headlines (sometimes called a “swipe file”) which you can refer to when you do writing or order articles from an author.

These headlines are the kinds of headlines that people click on. Use headlines like these to get more traffic to your website.

This is a good supplement to my Getting Traffic: SEO for Small Business book and this book is FREE!

Just sign up for my email list, where I give you great tips and where you get notified when there are new articles on my website and the link to download the book will show up in your email.

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best-bejeweled=blitz-tips-and-hints-bookBest Bejeweled Blitz Tips and Hints

Yes, I wanted to get some good keywords into the title, so that’s what you get. 🙂

I love puzzle video games! They’re really the only ones I play because they’re fun and they work your brain.

The one I’ve been playing for a long time (even before it game to Facebook and used to just be called “Bejeweled”) is Bejeweled Blitz. I’ve learned some great strategies, how to get high scores and how to get lots of coins for free.

This book is available on my website or at Amazon.

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free-contact-lenses-book-500x629Free Contact Lenses: How to Get a Free Contacts Sample/Trial by Mail

If you’re a contact lens wearer or are thinking about switching from eyeglasses to contact lenses, then you’re able to get sample pairs of contact lenses for free! You just have to know what to do and this book explains it all and shows you how to get them.

Beyond just how to get free contacts, the book goes into getting colored contacts (non-prescription) as well as how to care for your contacts and how to insert and remove them. It’s a great book, full of information and it’s just $0.99. What a deal!

Read More | Buy $2.99 Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle Word Template - FREE DownloadAmazon Kindle Microsoft Word Template

As you can see, I’ve created a number of books. I have e-books (PDFs) and books on Amazon. To do that, you need to start with a Microsoft Word document in the right format. I found one that I liked and I’ve made a few modifications to it, so now you can have it – for free!

Amazon now even lets you publish real books – like ones you can physically pick up and hold. This template works for that, too. Be a book publisher!

You’ll just start with this document and create your book using this format. It has the right headings and I’ve set up a few, sample pages for you. Just get it and start writing – it’s really about that simple!

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625 Free Stock Images625 Free Stock Images

Get a pack of 625 free stock images to use on your website.

They’re great, royalty-free images that will work for a variety of articles that you write:

  • Web pages look better when they have images on them
  • People like looking at images
  • Your website will look more appealing and more professions with great images

You have the rights to use these images on your website for free without worry.

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Opt-in page on screenResponsive Opt-In Page HTML Template

I was searching around for an email opt-in page template that was responsive, used static HTML and was free but I couldn’t find one. I either had to join expensive programs that cost between $47-97 per month on up or I found opt-in pages that were entire websites, which were overkill. There was nothing in between and I wanted something that was simple and worked.

To solve that problem, I just went ahead and made one. It’s easy to edit and use and it’s free for the taking.

You can use it for an opt-in page on your website or for offers you’re promoting. You can use whatever background you like as well. It works on desktop/laptop computers as well as mobile devices.

Read More | $27 FREE!

100+ Websites With Free Ads100+ Websites With Free Ads

Free Website Traffic

Yes, you can get free advertising online.

Seriously… yes.

There are lots of websites where you can post free classified ads for your website. This book lists over 100 of them. Just go through them add, place ads, and watch your website get more clicks.

Links like this are good for SEO and people do look at classified ads still. It’s great promotion for your website and you can do it for free.

Start promoting your website to get more traffic to get more sales and leads. It’s not going to do that by itself. Get out there and promote your website.

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How to Block Phishing & Porn Sites for Free in Less Than 5 MinutesProtect Your Home Network and Family in Just 5 Minutes

There are bad parts of the internet – parts you don’t want to go to. Sometimes, clicking one link pops open another window of your web browser, working in the background. You might not even know it’s there… until it’s too late.

Instead of this happening to you, take some steps to help block it from ever happening in the first place with this simple and quick guide.

Click on the link below to find out more:

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PSIA Level 1 Guide BookMy Journey to Level 1 Alpine: What Helped Me Pass the PSIA Level 1 Exam

This book is for anyone looking to take the PSIA Level 1 exam. I’ve passed it and I’ve coached others to pass the exam. This guide helps you get ready for the exam by knowing exactly what to study, how to prepare and it explains what the exam will be like.

You will learn:

  • How to study for the exam
  • What to study for the written test
  • How to get yourself ready for the exam
  • How to put together a good lesson
  • How to get your skiing ready

The book includes sample Level 1 exam questions that you can write sample lessons for so that you’re ready to present them in front of a group of your peers.

Not only does this book prepare you for Level 1 but it contains a lot of the information you’ll need to go to Level 2. You’ll get a distinct advantage by following what this guide presents.

Read More | Buy $2.99 Amazon Kindle | Buy $5.99 PDF (+ bonuses worth $7.98!)


My Journey to Level 2 Alpine: What Helped Me Pass the PSIA Level 2 Exam

If you’re a ski instructor looking to go for your PSIA Level 2 Certification, then this guide will help you study and hopefully pass the exam. This book explains:

  • How to study for the exam
  • What to study for the written test and for the 3-day exam
  • How to prepare and get yourself ready for the 3-day exam
  • How to put together a good lesson
  • How to choose the right exam location
  • How to get your skiing ready

You also get lots of good notes from actual exams taken along with what feedback from Examiners will look like.

I took the exam twice. The first time, I was close and then I passed it the second time. I’ve also done two Level 2 Prep events and a Level 2 Mock Exam event. I’ve had coaches helping me and I put in a lot of work to pass but I didn’t have a book to help me, so I wrote one.

There is a lot of good info in this book. It came out to be longer than I thought it would be. I’ve included notes that I wrote up after my Level 2 Exam as well as notes from the mock exam. I have notes from another instructor who took and passed the Level 2 as well. I’ve included the exact feedback that I got from Examiners, too. You’ll get a really good feel for what the exam will be like and tons of good info about what you need to do to pass it.

Read More | Buy $2.99 Amazon Kindle | Buy $5.99 PDF (+ bonuses worth $13.97!)

Beginning Skiing: Tips for Beginners BookBeginning Skiing: Tips for Beginners

Thinking about trying skiing? Are you not sure what you’re getting into?

This book will give you great tips for planning your ski trip, figuring out how to dress right for the weather, how to get in shape, what to do when you get to the ski area and then what to concentrate on as you ski throughout the day.

What more could you ask for?

Trying something new like skiing can be scary, so getting a good preview and great tips will help make the day go more smoother and be more enjoyable.

The book also covers a lot about safety and ways to help keep yourself safe when you are out on the snow.

Read More | Buy on Amazon for $4.49 | Buy $3.99 PDF!

What to Bring Skiing ChecklistWhat to Bring Skiing Checklist

Going on a Ski Trip or Vacation? Don’t Forget Something Important!

Taking your family or going with friends on a ski trip or vacation can take a bit of planning. Part of that planning is remembering to bring everything you need. With this handy checklist, you’ll be able to start planning your trip weeks ahead by doing shopping and gathering together what you need.

The book covers day skiing trips, overnight trips and even international trips.

Get this checklist once and you’ll be able to refer to it every time you take a ski vacation… which is hopefully many times!

Read More | Buy $0.99 Amazon Kindle | Buy $0.99 PDF

"My Beginner Ski Lesson" by Tony HermanMy Beginner Ski Lesson

From Boots to First Run!

This book is my general beginning skier lesson all written out. Of course, I do change it up depending on the group or for other reasons but this is the general lesson I teach to people who have never, ever skied before.

I’ll admit, just reading it is nothing compared to doing it and taking a lesson from me but I decided to make this book available for a few reasons.

This is a bonus book I give away with my PSIA Level 1 Study Guide and with my Beginning Skiing books.

I also make this book available for anyone who has taken a lesson from me and wants to review what they learned in the lesson.

Read More | $2.99 Amazon Kindle | $3.99 PDF

Skiing 4-Book Bundle!

Beginning Skiers Book Deal

If you’re new to skiing, get these 4 books to help you get started and save!

  • Beginning Skiing: Tips for Beginners (valued at $89)
  • My Beginner Ski Lesson (valued at $59)
  • What to Bring Skiing Checklist (valued at $27)
  • Ultimate Ski Vacation Guide (valued at $19)

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PSIA BundlePSIA Level 1 and Level 2 Book Bundle

Ski Instructors, get all 7 items that have to do with training for Level 1 and Level 2 exams in one, awesome package!

You get:

  • My Journey to Level 1 Alpine: What Helped Me Pass the PSIA Level 1 Exam
  • My Beginner Ski Lesson
  • My Beginner Ski Lesson with Commentary
  • My Journey to Level 2 Alpine: What Helped Me Pass the PSIA Level 2 Exam
  • MP3 Audio Versions (of Level 2 book)
  • PSIA Level 2 Exam Sample Questions and Workbook
  • PSIA Level 2 Exam Resources

It’s worth $27.93 and you get it for just… wait for it… $9.99!

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Other Products Available

Here are some more products that I either have permission to sell or I’ve had a hand in creating…

Silent Echoes Series Books


The Silent Echoes Series are inspirational books that my dad put together over the years. These writings were compiled into three books of essays and poems that Mike recently published: Silent Echoes, Other Silent Echoes, and Silent Echoes/Morning Whispers.

I didn’t write these books, my dad did. I’m helping to publish them online.

He has sold a lot of these books over the years in print format. They did 5-6 printing runs because they just kept selling. They didn’t really want to make a profit on them but just get the books out there to help people. I’ve now helped get the books online so that more people can enjoy them.

Read More | Buy $3.99 Amazon Kindle | Buy $3.99 PDF

Content Writing Tips for BeginnersContent Writing Tips for Beginners

You can get more sales and leads from your website just by changing the text (copy) on it.

You can!

You don’t need more traffic to get more sales. You just need to use the right words and I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to do that… without a doubt.

I honestly can’t believe I’m offering all of this but it’s a value packed deal where you get over $1,000 worth of copywriting training for a very low price.

This 21-item package is basically a college education in copywriting. Seriously, if college isn’t for you but you want a good job that pays really well, just get this. Or if your business website needs to perform better, making the copy better is usually the key to making that happen.

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From $0 to $100/Day in 24 HoursFrom $0 to $100/Day in 24 Hours

This checklist training shows you how to go from making nothing online to $100/day in 24 hours. If you’re stuck and need to make some money online, here’s the answer.

The great thing is, I can give this to you for free.

And it comes with some training in an online workshop that’ll blow your mind. I’ve seen it a few times now and… wow, you really don’t want to miss it because my friend, Jono, shows exactly how he went from $50,000 in debt to becoming a millionaire in 2 years.

And if you follow what he says, it can take you a LOT less time because he had to figure it out. Now that he HAS figured it out, he’s giving you all the training you need.

Just go check it out:


Affiliate Marketing 101 & 201

If you’re going to get into Internet and Affiliate marketing, you absolutely need the basics. The problem is, nobody’s going to teach it to you without charging you hundreds and thousands of dollars for their, special course.

Not until now, that is!

Finally, learn how get quickly get started and learn the steps you need to have success with the Affiliate Marketing 101 and Affiliate Marketing 201 books.

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Get More Website Trafic E-Book PDFBack to Basics: Increasing Web Traffic

Successfully running a website is a lot of work. There are a ton of tiny details that need to be looked at if you want it to rank high. You might have a website where if you just changed a few things, you’d be ranking higher. You could also have a website that would benefit from a complete redesign.

Before you take the step toward the redesign, see if your current website still have some life in it by going through the steps in this book.

You could see your traffic improve within a week or two just by fixing a few things on your website!

Read More | FREE!


Make sure you also check out my list of courses that are available.

This website also has lots of other tips about website design, web resources, tips, website marketing and SEO.

Do You Like These Book Cover Images?

Are you wondering how I create all these cool book cover images? Well, it’s simple. There’s some online software I use that works really great. Go check out the book cover software and also the graphics program I use.