Commission Hero Review + SUPER Bonus Package


Commission Hero SUPER Bonus Package and Review

How to Generate $1,000 per Day or More With a Simple 3-Step System

No Experience Necessary

Robby Blanchard has come out with quite a system. He’s a crossfit gym owner, who figured out how to market his gym, but then started doing the same thing with Clickbank products and it worked REALLY well.

He’s been the #1 marketer on Clickbank. He brings in tens of thousands per day and in Commission Hero, he shows you how to bring in $1,000 or more per day – of course, that depends on you doing what he says and success varies.

Here’s his account:

Robby's Clickbank account

What is Commission Hero, Exactly?

Basically, it works like this:

  1. Find an offer on Clickbank – he shows you which ones to go after so you know if it’ll do well or not for you.
  2. Create your landing page – this is where you’ll send your traffic to. He walks you through the steps of doing this, so even if you’ve never done it before, that’s no problem.
  3. Run your Facebook ads – you are shown exactly how to do this the right way and get good traffic going to your landing page.

There’s one tip he gives about Facebook ads, which is how to set up accounts – it must be done a specific way. This is something I wish someone would have told me a long time ago. This tip alone is easily worth $1,000 in my opinion. I’m completely serious about this. If you don’t do it right, things can really get messed up.

Robby Blanchard trainingThere are many kinds of offers on Clickbank. The most popular are weight loss, helping people with diabetes, making money online, diet, exercise, health, dog training, woodworking, software, relationships, and lots more. With many offers, you can earn $100 per sale or more. Robby has a system to help you choose the best offers, which are offers that will sell very well so that you’re not wasting your money on ads.

And, paid traffic is the best kind of traffic right now – much better than most free traffic. By running Facebook ads correctly, you’ll be getting sales for just a few bucks and then earning big commissions with those sales. That’s how it works. You’re the middleman – there’s no delivering anything, no customer support… none of that. You run ads to get sales, then you get paid. Your ads run automatically and you just do some tweaking to make them better.

You can easily spend a few hours a week on this while working another job. Again, no experience is necessary… at all. You get all the training you need in this simple, 3-step system.

This system has what you need:

  • Learn how to make $1000s online at home without a website, email list or even a product.
  • See how people just like you are making thousands online with this simple method.
  • Say goodbye to the 9-5 job and experience true freedom just like thousands of other people who followed the system.
  • Learn the same exact techniques used by the #1 Clickbank affiliate in the world.

How Much Does Commission Hero Cost?

Commission Hero LogoIt’s $997 for the complete program. You can optionally make 2 payments of $597.

That might sound pricey, but considering what you can make, it’s a good investment. After all, you can only get so far with free training. Most people give up when they’re given free training because they didn’t pay for it – they have no skin in the game.

When you join a program like this, you get a LOT of support and, to be honest… paying that price means you’re going to go through the program. You won’t just forget about it. When you lay down that much, it helps you stick with it, which is really important.

Back in 2009, I joined a program which was $600. I ended up making $80,000 or more on that. I learned from the right people, I did the work, and it paid off for me. Had that program cost me $15, I might not have chosen to work it.

And, with most things… you get what you pay for, right?

Is Commission Hero a Scam?

Absolutely not, but you must be careful where you sign up. Make sure you use an official link because I’ve seen some people lose a lot of money because they somehow got a bad link.

The official checkout is at Clickbank. You’ll see “” in your browser’s address bar and the top of the page will have a Clickbank logo. Here’s how it looks:
Clickbank checkout page

Again, check the address bar in your browser and make sure the domain ends with, then a slash.

The program is legit. The step-by-step training is excellent. There are just 3 main steps to follow.

There’s One Downside to Commission Hero…

One thing you will need in addition to the course is a way to build a page. In the course, they’re going to suggest Clickfunnels, which runs around $97 a month, which is expensive if you ask me.

Some alternatives are:

To overcome this downside, I suggest going with GrooveFunnels since it’s
FREE to use and will do what you need… problem solved!

Here’s What Robby’s Students Are Reporting…

Commission Hero Earnings - Proof

Commission Hero Earnings - Proof

Commission Hero Earnings - Proof

How Much of a Difference Would $1,000 per Day Mean to You?

That’s a serious question. That kind of money would help a lot of people make some pretty big changes in their lives. They could quit their jobs, spend more time with people they love, take vacations, pay off debt, and more.

What you can do with extra money

In order to have the chance of this even happening, you must take that first step.
I can’t force you and nobody else can. It’s up to you.

Sign Up Now!

Either sign up right now or check out the free training where you’ll also have a chance to sign up:

Sign Up – CLICK or Get Free Training

Go With the Payment Plan

It’s $997 or go with 2 payments of $597, which is $197 more.

It’s 100% risk-free with a 14-day guaranteed refund.

If you sign up using my links above, you’ll also get an exclusive BONUS package worth
thousands – more information about that is below.

How to Get My Super Bonus Package – IMPORTANT

To make sure you are eligible to get my bonuses, do these 2 things:

  1. Make sure the page says “affiliate = tcstix” at the bottom. If not, come back here and use my links.
  2. Come back to this page and use the form on this page to redeem your bonus package.

Check out at Clickbank showing affiliate = tcstix

If it does not say that, then I cannot give you the super bonus package here.

Tony’s Commission Hero Super Bonus Package

This package is exclusive – nobody else has it. Also, I don’t think I’ve seen a higher value package out there. This is just flat out amazing. You’re not just going to get Commission Hero, which is great by itself but over 50 more programs. Actually, 213 in total!

With all this, you’re basically guaranteed to make money somehow. That does, of course, depend on you taking action… I have to say that and it’s completely true.

Just take a look at these bonuses…

Bonus 1: The Lost Code – Turn $13 Into $4,762.73 Per Week (valued at $97)
Bonus 2: The Fuego Multiplier – $1,691… $1,413… $2,544… With 5 Minutes of Work? (valued at $97)
Bonus 3: The Secret Weapon – Take TINY amounts of time and money and turning it into a BIG daily profit (valued at $97)
Bonus 4: The Fuego Breakout – $200 on Autopilot? (valued at $97)
Bonus 5: Urgency Suites Pro – Breakthrough Method and Software Makes $42,558 WITH A “30 SECOND” SETUP… (valued at $297)
Bonus 6: How to Write Headlines that Sell (valued at $97)
Bonus 7: Zero Hour Work Days – $9,259.74 Per Month (valued at $297)
Bonus 8: Easy Passive Paydays (valued at $97)
Bonus 9: Launch Jacking Guide (valued at $97)
Bonus 10: Adwords Re-Targeting Tutorial (valued at $97)
Bonus 11: How to Build a Buyers List (valued at $167)
Bonus 12: Bing Ads Course (valued at $197)
Bonus 13: 500 Royalty Free Background Tracks (valued at $97)
Bonus 14: Blogging & Traffic Primer (valued at $97)
Bonus 15: How to Build a WordPress Site (valued at $97)
Bonus 16: How to Make a Squeeze Page (valued at $97)
Bonus 17: $100 Per Day From Your Phone (valued at $197)
Bonus 18: Hot Selling eCom Items (valued at $97)
Bonus 19: Get 90% Off Your Google Ads Spend (valued at $197)
Bonus 20: Great Alternative to ClickFunnels (valued at $97)
Bonus 21: A-Z Launch Jacking Guide (valued at $197)
Bonus 22: Intro to Affiliate Marketing (valued at $97)
Bonus 23: Get Instant Content for FREE (valued at $197)
Bonus 24: $100/Day with FREE Traffic (valued at $297)
Bonus 25: The Profit Factory (valued at $97)
Bonus 26: El Bandito – Real Life Case Study Shows You How We Made $419 Per Hour With Just 1 Hour Of Simple Work (valued at $97)
Bonus 27: The Clones – $1,621 on an AVERAGE Campaign… You want one? (valued at $97)
Bonus 28: The Incognito Method (valued at $97)
Bonus 29: $0 to $100 in 24 Hours (valued at $97)
Bonus 30: Bang Bang Profits  – THIRTEEN “Done For You” Money-Making Campaigns – Just “Copy And Paste” For Quick ‘n Easy Profits! (valued at $97)
Bonus 31: The Flash Method (valued at $97)
Bonus 32: The Breakthrough (valued at $97)
Bonus 33: Buyer’s List Ninja (valued at $97)
Bonus 34: Squeeze Page Breakthrough (valued at $197)
Bonus 35: Profit Ascension (valued at $97)
Bonus 36: Raiken System – This Weird Method Makes $239 Per Hour With NO Videos, NO Websites and NO paid traffic (valued at $97)
Bonus 37: Turn Gmail into a Bulk Mailer (valued at $197)
Bonus 38: $350 Per Day Sending Emails (valued at $297)
Bonus 39: From Broke to $100k/Month (valued at $197)
Bonus 40: 107 Ways to Make Money Online – GOLD VERSION (valued at $97)
Bonus 41: Set up a Website That Pays in 7 Days – GOLD VERSION (valued at $97)
Bonus 42: Easy Content Websites (valued at $97)
Bonus 43: Easy Funnel Setup (valued at $208)
Bonus 44: Amazon Affiliate Selling Hacks (valued at $97)
Bonus 45: Amazon Affiliate Profits (valued at $97)
Bonus 46: Content Factory Mastery (valued at $37)
Bonus 47: 1 Hour Product Creation (valued at $97)
Bonus 48: 10 Easy Ways to Make Your Marketing Emails Convert Like CRAZY (valued at $97)
Bonus 49: Featured Snippets – The Secret Sauce to Ranking (valued at $16.99)
Bonus 50: 163 Products to Download (valued at $1,625.11)

The total value of this package is: $8,019.10

Sign Up Now!

Either sign up right now or check out the free training where you’ll also have a chance to sign up.
Either way, you’ll get my bonuses:

Sign Up – CLICK or Get Free Training

Go With the Payment Plan

It’s $997 or go with 2 payments of $597, which is $197 more.

It’s 100% risk-free with a 14-day guaranteed refund.

Remember…everything in Commission Hero™ is proven
and has made Robby the #1 Clickbank Affiliate in the World…

Robby - Clickbank

And Commission Hero has help many people just like you make $1k and more online.

Which is why $1k will be virtually guarantee for you if you follow the plan and work hard.

Learn the exact system and processes that allowed Robby to become the #1 Clickbank Affiliate in the world.

Have Robby supporting you every step of the way as you launch your Facebook Ads and Clickbank offers!

The Choice Is Yours

Commission Hero SUPER Bonus Redemption Form

Congratulations and Thank You for Your Purchase!

Once you’ve placed your order for Commission Hero, please come back here and use the form below. You need to enter your Clickbank receipt code and your email address. I’ll then verify the sale and send you the bonus downloads.

Here’s where to find your receipt code/order number:

Clickbank Receipt