eHarmony Scam?

I started getting more matches in the last few weeks… actually, I haven’t received any in a while. I was wondering if they were sending me more because my subscription was ending.

Sure enough, they’re trying to renew it now.

This smells like scam to me, so no thank you.. NOT renewing.

Someone please contact me when there’s a class-action lawsuit. I’d like to get in on it. This stinks.


TV Caters to the Dumb People

I’ve been suffering through jet lag the last few days. After 10 time zone changes, it takes a little bit to recover. Because of this, I’ve been waking up earlier. Sometimes turning the TV helps me get back to sleep if what’s on isn’t too interesting, so that’s a trick I like to employ.

the-dbzThis morning, I happened to catch a morning show (syndicated, apparently) called “The Daily Buzz” or actually they’re just calling it “The DBZ” because their audience apparently can’t handle large words – they have to go with some initials that aren’t even initials for anything. Maybe they’re trying to be trendy and be like “TMZ” but whatever.

I watched just over a half hour and was trying to catch a bit more sleep but there was this annoying sound in my ear… it was our nation getting dumber. I mean the fluff and dribble they were talking about was just meaningless. The only good segment I saw was where one of their producers was trying to stay off Facebook for 10 days and it looked like she was suffering through it and about ready to hang herself… signaling to the audience that it can’t really be done.

This quote comes to my mind from the movie Billy Madison: “Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.”

The show is a little bit genius, too. They found a market segment which likes crap and they’re giving it to them. That’s smart business in one way. This is what as described as the “low information crowd” who just reads headlines or takes in crap like this and they form strong opinions based on nothing – but they don’t know it. Pretty scary. This is the next generation coming up and it’s frightening.

All they were talking about on the show was social media and what’s going on – like that matters. I use social media because I’m in online marketing. I have to know what goes on there. More and more, through, I get frustrated with what I see there. You can tell people’s lives are being ran by Facebook. It’s a drug. I’m happier when I don’t go on it. If I do, it’s to see what friends are up to or get some news about online marketing but I skip all the dribble and don’t pass any on unless it’s significant and has value.

Ok, there are some good shows on TV… I admit that. There are shows that would have been considered movie quality when I was growing up. It has really improved in some ways. I even got a degree in Communication Arts with an emphasis on radio, TV and film, so I’ve studied it.

Back to the DBZ show… some of the production was sub par. They did a split with the hosts one one side (really small) and then a graphic on the other side and clearly that graphic was meant to be full screen. They did this several times. It looked strange. I’m not sure they thought through that.

I got to a point where I had to just turn it off. I guess I thought they maybe hit bottom and it was going to improve but it didn’t – it just got worse. The content was just useless fluff – no meat at all.

I actually can imagine the people that watch this – you see them all the time. They hang out at malls, they yell at one another in public places (no control of their emotions) and they just look like drones – drones conditioned to hang on every word coming out of the screen and buy whatever they’re told to buy.  They just can’t see their lives from the outside and how dumb they look. It’s pathetic.

Sorry for the rant here but this has been on my mind a while. I just got back from visiting a third world country that actually has its act together… India. The improvements you see there are mind blowing. I’ve been traveling there for 12+ years, so I’ve seen a lot of change. You compare some people I saw there who live on the streets and do whatever they have to do to survive with what we have here and the kind of Americans I’m talking about look lazy and clueless.

I know someone who worked at Charter (cable TV company here) and they said that someone came in and said how they were late on their electric bill but panicked when their cable TV was shut off. They came right in and paid their cable bill when that happened. Yeah, paid their cable but not their electric bill… I guess they don’t understand how a television needs electricity or something. Crazy.

I’ll conclude with a message to the youth of today and parents of these kids: don’t allow them to get sucked into this kind of culture. It’ll take work to do this and won’t be easy. Since there are so many parents out there being lazy and letting TV influence their kids’ minds, your child is going to have a huge advantage by not being a part of that crowd. They are going to be the ones running things. There’s going to be a divide and it’s just going to grow and grow. You have the task of deciding which side your children are going to be on. Are they going to be mind-numb drones controlled by the screen or the smart ones?


My Portfolio on Fotolia

Last week, I submitted some more of my photos to Fotolia. I’ve tried before and they were not accepted but I got a few in this time. I also kind of understand better the kinds of photos they want, so I’ll be looking through my collection and maybe taking a bunch of photos to send in. The ones I was submitting we more “artsy” and what they really want is more like pictures of stuff… with objects in the center, etc.

Check out my photos.


Please Turn Your Phone When Creating a Video

Televisions are… horizontal. Yup, I just verified that this makes sense:


If this still is unclear, check out this article:

PSA: Please Turn Your Damn Cellphone Sideways When Recording Video (


Forced to Use Google+

Ok,, Google – I’m finally doing what you’re obviously trying to tell us website owners what we have to do – use Google Plus but it’s hard… really painful:


When I first signed up for Google+ it was called something else (I forgot what). And now they’ve changed it a bunch of times and then confused the hell out of everything by combining Google Maps profiles (causing TONS of problems). At first, there was nobody there… it was like a ghost town. Now, you’ve got geeks and SEO people using it and I think most of us are doing it reluctantly.

Managing profiles is painful. Ok, I’m managing a page, then I open a new browser and now I’m back to my profile instead of the profile I was managing… why? Why can’t this work more like Facebook? That would be SO much easier.

But OK, I’ll do it for a while and play the game / jump through the hoops. We’ll see if it makes a difference or not but it’s just a pain in the ass. I’m always hated bowing to Google and Bing is actually more friendly to everyone, so if more people used Bing, it would be really great. :-)