When you post your affiliate links on websites, on videos, in books/PDFs, or anywhere, it’s smart to use a redirect for a few, important reasons. This is sometimes called masking or cloaking.

Reason #1: Changing Affiliate Links is Not a Chore

I’m an affiliate for a very fast WordPress theme and they recently changed their affiliate program, so my affiliate link changed. Updating that link was very simple because I’m using a redirect. In every book, post, or wherever I have a link to that theme, I’m using this URL:


So, instead of trying to figure out everywhere I’ve posted my old affiliate link and try to change it (I’m very organized but not THAT organized), I just change it in one place and ALL the links I have out there are changed. This includes links inside any PDF files people have bought and downloaded from me. I now STILL get credit when they purchase.

Pretty slick, right?

Reason #2: You Get to Hide Your Links

I don’t know how many people go out of their way to find out what you’re linking to, find it themselves, and not give you credit for the link in your content but I’m sure it happens.

So, with my example, instead of this:


I could instead do this:


That way, people have no idea what I’m linking to. This is probably a better practice. Again, I’m not sure who out there is taking the time to figure out what you’re linking to and going there directly to actively not give you credit, but it’s probably happening – it’s called “link theft” actually.

Reason #3: Shorten the Link / Cosmetic Reasons

If you’re posting the link as the URL, having a shorter link can look better. It looks less scary.

Along with that, you can say more in a URL than just a bunch of random letters and characters. Here’s my example again:


That’s a lot more enticing than the raw (ugly) link. A nicer looking link gets higher click-through rates (more people click).

I do this with a few products I have.

For example, go here:


That’s a product but I don’t promote the root/main URL. Instead, I require a password or code to get to it. This way, I promote a link that works (https://twodollarcourse.com/offer/) but I let affiliates build their own codes with the domain name instead of a WarriorPlus.com link.

Reason #4: Google’s Cool With It

If you’re scared about Google thinking you’re pulling some kind of trickery, rest assured, it’s fine.

Reason #5: You Get Tracking

Using a plugin on your WordPress website like Pretty Links also lets you track how many clicks you’re getting to each of your links.

Pretty Links screen shot

Tracking clicks can help with advertising you’re doing. This way, you know which kinds of advertising is working best for you – you can do more of that kind of advertising.

When you put a link somewhere, track it. Add notes in saying where you’re using it – Pretty Links lets you do that.

Reason #6: Future Earnings

Let’s say there’s a product you love that you often link to but that product doesn’t have an affiliate program yet. If whenever you link to that product, you use a redirect link (non-affiliate), then if/when they do launch an affiliate program, you just change your regular link to your affiliate link and now you get commissions when there’s a sale.


Reason #7: Your Branding

When you have your domain name next in a link, it’s like a brand endorsement.

It shows you have your act together, are organized, and what you’re linking to is worthy to be included in your brand. It’s just a stronger move – a power move.


Don’t just throw your affiliate links around carelessly. You’re doing work to include those recommended links into the hard work of producing content. Make sure you protect those links and your earnings along with tracking them to make sure you know where your efforts are paying off.

It doesn’t matter if you have something about the best iPhone charger, Kohls online coupons, or even your best affiliate selling hacks, make sure you’re organized with your links instead of haphazardly going about it. Watch your stats, find out what works, and actually be a bit scientific about it. That’s really the best way to be profitable with your online efforts.

Having good management of your links is easy to set up and it pays off big time (more earnings) because managing links is easier. You have one place to go to find all your links. This kind of organization makes it easy for you to find the links you want to promote. It’s all in one database / one place.

Are you new to affiliate marketing? Here’s a free PDF download to learn more and get started earning online.


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