About Me

First… About This Website

This website is set up to help small business owners get more educated about small business marketing which will get them more traffic to their website.

I’m a small business owner myself and I own a website design company, so it’s in everyone’s best interests to better understand what goes into marketing your small business online… because it’s probably more than you think!

A better educated client is easier to work with and it only makes sense for anyone to get a better understanding of something they’re going to spend thousands of dollars on, right?

This website has both the technical aspects and marketing aspects needed to get you more traffic to your website because the both work together – not separately.

And Then There’s Me

Me? Well, I live in Wisconsin (which is great). I like to be outside if I can but I also like working on my computer, being creative there. In the summer, I’m outside on my bike, kayak, camping, going to games (Badgers, Packers, Brewers) and hanging out with friends. In the winter, I teach skiing to people and end up doing a lot of skiing myself. It’s fun to teach people things.

Me at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI

I’m an NFL Team Owner – you’d think that there wouldn’t be too many that could say that but in Wisconsin it’s pretty common since the Green Bay Packers are publicly owned. The state is full of NFL Team Owners.

School / Awards / Certification

  • University of Wisconsin – Madison: BA in Communication Arts (Radio/TV/Film Emphasis) (1995)
  • Associate of the Year Award – Full Compass Systems (1997)
  • PSIA Member (2006 – Present)
  • PSIA Level 1 Ski Instructor Certification (2008)
  • PSIA Level 2 Ski Instructor Certification (2015)
  • PSIA Children’s Specialist 1 Accreditation (2017)
  • NASTAR Men’s Bronze 45-49 Medalist (2017)

I Might Be at the Track

I’ve enjoyed taking my car to the track and learning how to take turns and skillfully drive a track. I’ve taken two cars that I’ve had there:



Honda CR-Z at an autocross

I’ve done autocross on tracks and parking lots, no wheel-to-wheel (I’m not made of money).

What I’ve learned is you definitely need racing brakes on the front in order to do a track. Get the larger discs, calipers, pads and stainless brake lines because that stuff boils. You’ll be able to brake later into turns and it just feels a lot better. You’ll shave seconds off your lap time with better brakes. Parts run about $1400 + labor but it’s worth it.

And I drove a Lamborghini Superleggera 750 out in Las Vegas for my 40th birthday with my brother:


And Then I Travel

I have a team in India that works for me (they’re great).


I can either get there via Frankfurt, Germany or else going west, which can be through Taipei, Taiwan or Tokyo, Japan or Singapore (I love Singapore). I did get stuck in that Icelandic volcanic ash cloud thing a few years back and I stayed just outside Frankfurt for 6 nights. I’ve been to the Bahamas, too. I have more continents to explore!

I Thrive on Creativity

Pearl Export Drum Kit

I’m also a drummer (highly intelligent?). I played in my church band for years and led the group a few years. I’ve also learned a little piano and guitar. I’ve done video production as well (that’s what I went to school for).

I love photography, too. I can do some graphic design but most of all, I know what looks good – I have the “eye” you could say.

And I’m Technical

Texax Instruments TI-99/4A ComputerI learned to computer program when I was 12 years old – in Basic and Extended Basic. It was on a Texas Instruments computer (the TI-99/4A) and it had 16 kb of memory – that’s less than most images you see on websites (memory was WAY expensive back then). I used to write programs so large, they couldn’t run. Storage was cassette tapes (not disks or memory sticks).

My parents bought the computer with some money that was left for us when my grandpa passed away. I think it was a good investment because I learned a lot and it shaped who I am today.

I’ve also learned HTML, JS, Perl, MySQL, CSS, some PHP, I’m learning Swift and I’ve done Linux Admin.

Internet Marketing is Fun

Solving puzzles is something fun for me. When it also involves marketing, the Internet, business and computers… I’m totally there. I’ve had some good success and I own 100 or more domain names still. I’m always experimenting and trying SEO stuff.

My first real success online was I think back in 2007 with a store I set up that had Amazon products on it. It was the “perfect storm” for affiliate marketing because I had it on a domain that had good age and traffic, I was one of the first people to use that software and have a website like that and it was a month and a half before Christmas. I was earning commissions of $125 per day for 30 or more days and I got a check for $4500 from Amazon! That site died down but it was fun while it lasted and it got me hooked.

I then started working on Internet Marketing more. I took a course called “The Keyword Academy” which was great. I met some great people and I was able to put in the work and I made some websites that sold for a lot of money. I still have websites that get good traffic and bring in some extra income, which is nice. I’m working on it more and my goal is to make this website another top earning website by providing great content. I do like writing and I’ve learned a lot, so I hope I can help people.


Colorado is just… awesome. Even skiing is Wisconsin, Minnesota and U.P. (with da Yoopers up dere, ya) is so great. Some days are just absolutely beautiful:


Really, my favorite place to ski is anywhere there’s snow!

With skiing, you meet some really great people. I have a whole group of friends now from skiing and I found that when you go to new places and meet people, they’re all really great. I used to hate winter and now I love it and can’t wait for it. Yes, it’s cold but if you dress right, it’s not really a problem.

I just can’t believe people sit inside and watch TV all winter when they could be outside enjoying a beautiful world. Get out there and enjoy it!

I also snowboard from time to time when the snow is soft. It’s another, great way to get down a run. The thing I like when I snowboard is that it brings me back to being a beginner skier because it’s something that’s still fairly new to me. I can make it down a blue run (in the Midwest) and I can ride switch. People aren’t used to seeing me on a snowboard, so I like the reactions I get when they see me.


I love ski instructing. It’s definitely a passion of mine. It’s just a great sport to be able to teach. It’s a combination of anatomy and physics and art. Combine all that, put it on snow and you get FUN!



I’m pretty laid back. I’m happy with life and try to enjoy things and be the best that I can. I’m blessed with what I have and what I’ve accomplished. I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others and helping people. Life is too short to just sit there.

-Anthony C. Herman, BA

P.S. If I happen to disappear someday with a lot of other people, then don’t worry… I’m good. Take a look at this and this… and this may help.

You’re still here?

It’s over… go home.