Here’s a simple way to make money just working at home on your laptop.

I’m going to show you:

  • Exactly how to set it up
  • What websites to use
  • How much you can earn

And it’s very easy.

What you’re going to be doing is selling sunglasses online. You don’t need to stock anything at all and how much you can make is almost unlimited.

First, buy sunglasses at This is a marketplace in China where most sunglasses are made.

When choosing which ones to sell, you want to be sure of a few, important things:

  1. There’s free shipping.
  2. There’s a 4-star rating on up.
  3. They are shipped a certain way called “ePacket” (this gets them through customs faster).

How to buy sunglasses

Look at the prices. Many are around $3.00 per pair – and that’s WITH shipping included.

I’ve bought many pairs from this website and they’re good ones – as good as you’ll find anywhere because this is where almost all sunglasses come from (China).

Find some that look nice and have a nice, luxurious looking image available.

Stick to that $3 price point because you’ll start selling them at $5 (I’ll get to that in a minute).

Here’s a pair of women’s sunglasses for less than $0.50. I’d say find more pairs for women since the audience that will be purchasing them is mainly women. Find one with a nice image of a person on it, too.

Sunglasses product page

Save a good image.

If your web browser is Firefox, you can right click on the image and save it. If you’re using Chrome, then here’s a plugin to help you save the image.

Next, you’re going to sell the product online.

You can sell them on Facebook Marketplace or Craig’s List but probably the best place is a website called 5Miles. Sign up there as a seller.

Check out their Fashion & Accessories page:

Fashion page

I see sunglasses here all the time.

Start the bidding at $5 and watch some auctions go up to $20 or more. Even at $5, you’re still making a profit and that’s a good price to get the bidding going.

Auctions end in just a minute or two.

Here’s one pair that sold for $15:


If they were a $3 pair, then that’s a profit of $12 in just a few minutes.

Now, look at the estimated delivery time. I’m writing this on October 11th and they’re saying delivery by November 10th. That’s 30 days, so that’s pretty safe to do.

Next, all you do it go to AliExpress, order them and have them sent directly to the person that won the auction. Be sure to leave a note for the manufacturer to not show any pricing and most of them will do that for you, no problem.

That’s it.

You never see the product. There’s no stock. If there’s some sort of problem, just ship the customer another pair for free – you’re still making money.

You can do this for any products you see on AliExpress but sunglasses have really good profits, they’re well made, and people are happy with them.

Really, the only thing to be careful of is any product that might be a knock-off. If it has a well known brand name and it’s really cheap, that’s a knock off.

Lots of people are doing this, so we know it works. I’ve done it myself.

Those 50 cent sunglasses might make you a profit of $20 or more.

You could easily do 20 auctions per day. Setting one up might take 10 minutes (once you’ve done a few and get used to it) and it’ll take you 5-10 minutes to order it. So, 20 minutes per item times 20 auctions is just 4 hours per day. If you made (profited) an average of $16 per auction, that’s $320 per day.

Incoming Searches:

  • www 320 per day com


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