Tony’s Favorite Things

Tony HermanHere’s a list I’ll keep adding to. It’s products that have either changed my life in some way or things I really like and recommend.

On some links here, I do get a small commission if you buy them but remember that I’ve done the research, sometimes trying different brands or types of products, so that commission is well deserved… right?

I even have some stories for some of these, which I think you’ll like. OK, here we go!

Probiotic AdvantageProbiotic Advantage

I’ve tried a LOT of probiotics and I’ve been on them for years. This one, so far, is the best. Yes, it only has a 2 billion CFU count but how it’s coated and delivered to your guy, it’s much better than the 8 billion CFU products.

This helps me digest food better and it also benefits your immune system. Your gut is your second brain, really. That’s what it’s called. It’s responsible for a lot that goes on in your body and that makes sense because food is absorbed there. You also get soft skin, and to me, if you see that happening, you know it’s benefiting your whole body.

Go check out Probiotic Advantage

Selfie stick with tripodSelfie Stick With Tripod

This thing is great! It telescopes out, has a bluetooth remote you can remove if you want which takes the photo, and the tripod makes it a great stand for either taking photos or doing Zoom meetings.

It folds up nice, so it’s compact. The tripod stand is plastic, which is a little disappointing but it’s sturdy enough. I think it’ll last a while and the price isn’t bad at all, so it’s a solid deal.

Go check out the selfie stick

Dotcom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online with Sales FunnelsDotcom Secrets Book

This book is really poorly named. It should instead be named, “How to Market Your Business” or something like that. It’s basically required reading for every business owner out there… for sure.

This book will change your business. It will. If you even apply one tenth of what’s in here, you’ll see positive changes in how you market your business. You’ll get people responding to your ads and Facebook posts instantly and you’ll make more with every sale.

Just get it and start reading the first, few chapters and you’ll see what I mean.

Go check out Dotcom Secrets

Skinny Pop originalSkinny Pop Popcorn

I’ll admit it. My favorite food is popcorn. It is. I love popcorn. I’ve tried a lot of brands. I do like Trader Joe’s Organic Popcorn with Olive Oil but Skinny Pop is better.

Sure, it’s a little bland, which may not be your thing but the ingredients list is very simple, you get your fiber, and the amount of oil they use is just about perfect (I think they should add a little more).

It’s my go-to snack for sure. I always have this on hand and I’ve learned to get the big bag since I go through so much of it!

It’s available in many stores or on Amazon

Gillette SkinGuard Men's Razor for Sensitive SkinGillette SkinGuard Razor

I asked my dermatologist what these red bumps were on my neck and I found out that’s folliculitis from ingrown hairs. He told me “you have the beard of a black man” and it’s true. My beard is pretty curly (even thought I’m white), so the hairs turn right back in. He suggested checking out razors made for African Americans, so I tried a few and some were alright.

When I saw Gillette finally came out with a razor for black guys, I had to try it.

And it works great!

This won’t be the best razor for every guy but if you have that kind of beard hair that is curly and turns in, you’ll see how using this razor helps get rid of folliculitis. It has for me.

I found I have to keep up with it every day and I have to shave it pretty close, which I like.

Go check out Gillette SkinGuard

GO247 Real Men Texture PasteGO 24-7 Real Men Texture Paste

I wish this stuff was out like when I was in high school back in the 1980s. Life would have been different. We messed around with hair gel and even hair spray to get our hair to do what we needed and it was just too much hold. You want some hold but not so much where your hair just feels sticky or something.

This is the best paste I’ve found. There are delivery problems sometimes. It’s supposed to come where it’s soft and creamy but if you get an old batch, it’ll be hard, which makes it tough to use. I think they need to seal their packaging better or something. If that happens, just return it and ask for another one.

This 2 ounce jar lasts like 6 months, so it’s a good deal.

Go check out GO247 Real Men Texture Paste

Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast Espresso Verismo PodsStarbucks Blonde Espresso Roast Espresso Verismo Pods

This is a good story. A long time ago (it seems), Starbucks had a contest where you have to put together a Pinterest board around their marketing theme. If you came up with a board they really liked, you won one of their Verismo home, single cup, coffee makers.

Guess what?

I didn’t win.

Just kidding… I won!

It’s the first generation one and it still works pretty good. I really like espresso (not “expresso”) better than regular coffee. It’s dark, thicker… it’s just my preference.

So, I’m sure I’ve paid for that free Verismo machine 20 times by now but it’s the only way you can brew Starbucks espresso at home unless you try to put their espresso into your Keurig refillable pod but this machine makes it differently, so I don’t think that would be the same.

My favorite pods are the blonde because it cuts the espresso a bit to make it smoother. The regular espresso pods are fine, too.

Go check out these pods

biotin supplements and shampoo for hair lossBiotin Shampoo and Supplements for Hair Loss

Alright, so the hairline’s shrinking a bit. My father was bald by age 19, so I feel fortunate. Still, I was seeing more hair on the bathroom counter, so I did some research. I decided to try a more natural solution to see how it worked.

What’s working for me is biotin. There’s less (almost no) hair on the bathroom counter anymore, which is great. What it does is block DHT so your hair can grow.

I use the shampoo daily and then take the supplements every other day. It’s working good for me so far, so I recommend trying this if you have hair loss.

Go check out the biotin shampoo and biotin supplements

Minimalist walletRFID Blocking, Minimalist Wallet

I hate bulky wallets. When you sit for a while, they’re pretty uncomfortable and they’re bulky in your pockets. I decided to try a smaller wallet and I ran across this gem!

Even though it’s small, it can hold quite a bit – enough for what I need. It also has RFID blocking, which is nice.

It’s for men and women. For men, you can even carry it in your front pocket instead of your back pocket. Women will like how it takes up less room in your purse.

When you get it, you do have to break it in a little. Your driver’s license will stick a little at first in the pocket with the window but after about 5-10 times, it slides out fine.

It’s a great, little wallet and the price is very nice.

Go check out the minimalist wallet I like

Laptop sleeveLaptop Sleeve That Isn’t Black

OK, I have a couple, short stories about this one…

Yeah, I hate to admit this but I sort of lost my laptop twice. Yeah, my laptop is basically my life. I lost it once at a grocery store when visiting my mom. We got back to her place and it wasn’t there. I panicked! I was doing some work at the Starbucks at the grocery store, then she came later and we did some shopping. I had it in the cart. We loaded the bags into the car and I left my laptop in the cart and we drove off.

I did rush back there (very quickly) and got it but that was a huge scare.

And then I was on a cross-country trip and thought I lost it again but it turns out it was in the back of the car. My old case/sleeve was black and it was hard to see. So I guess I finally learned my lesson and found a good laptop sleeve that wasn’t black. I needed one that had a bright color on it so I wouldn’t lose it.

This one’s great!

It has nice padding, it has a pocket which I can even fit the charger in, and the handle helps make carrying it easier (so you don’t drop it). Best of all, it’s not black!

Go check out this awesome laptop sleeve

TopCoat F11TopCoat F11 Polish & Sealer

To be honest, the first few times I used this stuff, I was not impressed… at all. Now… wow. The car looks like glass going down the road. I think what happened was, I was putting it on but not going back and buffing it.

Here’s how to use it… first spray it on and wipe it a little with one microfiber cloth. Then, in a minute, go back with a different (dry) microfiber cloth and wipe it.

You’ll get a finish that looks like glass. It’s really amazing and I’m addicted to cleaning my car now because it seems to get better with every application. You can even put it on glass for a super shine and have clear windows. Use it on your wheels and tires. Use it on plastic.

I really can’t believe how good this stuff is and how good my car looks. When coming out to my car in the parking lot after going into a store, my car noticeably stands out. It’s crazy.

It’s not cheap but… wow. It’s the price of like 5 car washes and you’ll get many more washes out of it than that using this stuff AND your car will look better.

Go check out TopCoat

Wipe New Headlight RestoreWipe New Headlight Restore by Rust-Oleum

I was using this stuff before Rust-Oleum bought the original company making it. This stuff clears up your headlights. It does the job.

Having foggy headlights isn’t just a cosmetic thing but it blocks the light coming from your headlights. If it’s foggy, you get less light, making it more dangerous to drive at night.

And, clearing up the headlights can give your car a whole new look. It’ll look years younger and better.

You can even use this stuff on the interior (and exterior) plastic to make it look like new.

I’ve seriously thought about buying cars, just giving them a very good detailing and then reselling them for a profit. I’m not sure if that’s really feasible but with a product like this, I know I could add lots of value.

Learn more about Wipe New

Flo from ProgressiveProgressive Insurance

Yeah, it’s way cheaper. I haven’t had to claim anything yet, so we’ll see how they do there but wow… less than half. I had insurance at American Family and they tried to re-quote what I have and couldn’t come close. The same with AAA.

I was paying like $79/month with American Family Insurance and I now pay $35/month.

Yeah, that’s nuts.

GE Reveal LogoGE Reveal Lights

I’ve come to the conclusion that GE Reveal lights are the perfect color of light for indoors. I went with the cheap LED bulbs and hated them. It turns out GE Reveal lights aren’t very expensive, either. The color is not too warm (yellow) and not too cool (blue). I really hate lights that are too blue. It just seems so cold and sterile.

Enjoy your home’s interior and upgrade it with GE Reveal lights… trust me on this one. Buy lights for just one room and you’ll see the difference.

Check out GE Reveal lights