Tony’s Favorite Things

Tony HermanHere’s a list I’ll keep adding to. It’s products that have either changed my life in some way or things I really like and recommend.

On some links here, I do get a small commission if you buy them but remember that I’ve done the research, sometimes trying different brands or types of products, so that commission is well deserved… right?

I even have some stories for some of these, which I think you’ll like. OK, here we go!

Get $30Get $30 Now

I referred my mom, and we each got $30 – PLUS, you save money on purchases (with coupon codes automatically found) and you earn money on purchases as well. I’ve made over $300 so far. Just install it on your browser.

If you’re someone who does purchasing for your business or a business you work at, you could really cash in using this AND save the company some money. It’s a no-brainer.

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Probiotic AdvantageProbiotic Advantage

I’ve tried a LOT of probiotics and I’ve been on them for years. This one, so far, is the best. Yes, it only has a 2 billion CFU count but how it’s coated and delivered to your guy, it’s much better than the 8 billion CFU products.

This helps me digest food better and it also benefits your immune system. Your gut is your second brain, really. That’s what it’s called. It’s responsible for a lot that goes on in your body and that makes sense because food is absorbed there. You also get soft skin, and to me, if you see that happening, you know it’s benefiting your whole body.

Go check out Probiotic Advantage

Dotcom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online with Sales FunnelsDotcom Secrets Book

This book is really poorly named. It should instead be named, “How to Market Your Business” or something like that. It’s basically required reading for every business owner out there… for sure.

This book will change your business. It will. If you even apply one tenth of what’s in here, you’ll see positive changes in how you market your business. You’ll get people responding to your ads and Facebook posts instantly and you’ll make more with every sale.

Just get it and start reading the first, few chapters and you’ll see what I mean.

Go check out Dotcom Secrets

Laptop sleeveLaptop Sleeve That Isn’t Black

OK, I have a couple, short stories about this one…

Yeah, I hate to admit this but I sort of lost my laptop twice. Yeah, my laptop is basically my life. I lost it once at a grocery store when visiting my mom. We got back to her place and it wasn’t there. I panicked! I was doing some work at the Starbucks at the grocery store, then she came later and we did some shopping. I had it in the cart. We loaded the bags into the car and I left my laptop in the cart and we drove off.

I did rush back there (very quickly) and got it but that was a huge scare.

And then I was on a cross-country trip and thought I lost it again but it turns out it was in the back of the car. My old case/sleeve was black and it was hard to see. So I guess I finally learned my lesson and found a good laptop sleeve that wasn’t black. I needed one that had a bright color on it so I wouldn’t lose it.

This one’s great!

It has nice padding, it has a pocket which I can even fit the charger in, and the handle helps make carrying it easier (so you don’t drop it). Best of all, it’s not black!

Go check out this awesome laptop sleeve

Flo from ProgressiveProgressive Insurance

Yeah, it’s way cheaper. I haven’t had to claim anything yet, so we’ll see how they do there but wow… less than half. I had insurance at American Family and they tried to re-quote what I have and couldn’t come close. The same with AAA.

I was paying like $79/month with American Family Insurance and I now pay $35/month.

Yeah, that’s nuts.