My “No Crap” Guarantee

no crap guaranteeI pledge that whatever you get from me – be it articles or books or training or whatever is going to be top quality.

It’s My Name On It

I am putting my name on this website and everything I produce. I want to make sure my name is associated with top quality material and training. I could make up a brand with a clever name and hide behind it but instead, I’m putting my actual name on what I produce.

This isn’t me being egotistical or trying to make a name for myself to get famous or something. That’s not how I am.

I’m publishing content in my name to keep myself accountable. It helps me ensure that whatever I produce will be the best it can be so that I don’t slack on something.

I’ve Bought Lots of Crap

I know crap because I’ve bought it. I’ve bought books for $9.95, $27, $47 on up. Most of them are not good. You might get a small tidbit here and there but the quality is just low. Most people don’t even bother to proofread their own stuff. A lot of it is sloppy and you can tell it’s just thrown together so they can publish yet another product.

If you bought a book at Barnes & Noble for $19 that was full of grammatical errors and wasn’t even proofread, would you take it back? Yeah, you would! Well, they wouldn’t even sell something bad in the first place.

I, at least, think that if it’s not written well and proofread, then you can’t really trust their methods or what they say. Those a small details that kids in school can find or they can hire someone to look it over pretty cheaply but they’re not willing to do that.

Promoting Products

If I suggest a product, it’s because I’ve used it and believe in it. I won’t give an affiliate link to something I don’t personally believe in or use myself. Yes, I get compensated for some links people click on here (if they buy something) but just know that I’ve purchased it myself, I use it and I find some value in it. I’m not just trying to cash in – my links are endorsements.

Regarding affiliate links, I believe in clicking on them when I go to other websites because someone else did the work of finding the resource, writing about it and promoting it, so they should get compensated for that. They did some work. I think that’s fair.

If I ever get a free product from someone in exchange for a review, I will disclose that so you know. I will also give a fair review – pointing out the good things and the bad things of that product – just for like the products I buy on

I’m Not Perfect

I’m not saying I’m perfect. I will make mistakes. When that happens, know that I’m not doing it on purpose but it’s just a mistake since I’m human. I’m not perfect and that’s why I have a relationship with God because I need him to help me (no, I don’t get all preachy either – this last line is that last you’ll hear about that).

Call Me On It

If you ever think that something I’m publishing is crap, then please let me know so that I can check it myself. I don’t ever want to do that or have people even think that I am, so call me on it… please!

I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on products I sell because I believe people will find value in them. I’m doing my best to make sure they do.

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