“Set Up a Website That Pays in 7 Days”


There is Just ONE WAY to Make Real Money Online

Yes, just one way and it makes sense.

You must create something.

You’re either creating content or products or you’re creating a store to sell other people’s product. Those products can be items, software, books or whatever.

Then, what you create needs to provide value to an audience that wants to know about it.

Create a product, learn how to get people to it and then sell it or put ads on your content. That’s the only way to make money online.

Selling it can mean charging for it or it can mean running ads or referring to affiliate programs. This is what we call “monetizing” it. With online content, you’ll want to do a mix. You’ll wants ads and affiliate programs on some things and then get to a point where you have a product to sell. Along the way, you’re going to build an email list, which is where the money is.

I’ve seen other courses out there that teach on this topic but one big difference with my course is that I don’t start with setting up the website. That’s on day 4. You first need to do some good research to find the right topic and domain name – that’s key.

Here’s how the course looks:

  • Day 1 – Let’s Get This Thing Started!
  • Day 2 – How to Pick the Right Topic So You’re Successful
  • Day 3 – Refine Your Topic to Make Ranking Easy
  • Day 4 – How to Set Up Your New Website
  • Day 5 – Writing Content So Search Engines Love You
  • Day 6 – Monetize Your Website to Start Earning
  • Day 7 – Promoting Your Content for Additional Traffic

We spend a lot of time choosing the right topic because that’s really important. It needs to be something you’ll love and something that’ll be profitable. I then take you through setting up a website of your own, how to get content on it (no, you do not have to write it yourself) and then how to promote your website / get traffic.

I’ve priced this book at a true bargain rate so that it’s easy for anyone to jump in and get started. Get started now!

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Set Up a Website That Pays in 7 Days

$97.00 $13.99

Build a revenue-generating website in just 7 days and you’ll be on your way to earning money online.

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