Make $2,000 per Month Not Writing Articles

Here’s a quick way to make some good money writing articles – except you don’t have to do any writing.

There are companies that need articles written for their blog or for doing SEO (search engine optimization). They need original articles of good quality – not stellar and not crap, but right in the middle.

There’s an AI (artificial intelligence) engine you can use to write articles for you. The quality is a little better than people would expect and all you have to do it look through each article produced and maybe make some small edits.

  • It takes about 2-3 minutes to produce a 750 word article.
  • The cost is just $27 a month (yearly plan).
  • You can sell each article from $15 to $40 pretty easily!

Like I said, they’re good articles. They’re not bad. It looks like a human wrote it – actually, better in some cases.

Just enter in some keywords, wait a few minutes, and you have an article. Do some light editing, go find a good image on Pixabay (royalty-free images) and you’re providing real value without doing a lot of work.

You can easily crank out and edit 5 articles in an hour. If you get $25 per article, you’re bringing in $125/hour!

Where to Find Article Writing Work

There are a number of ways to find customers:

  • Sign up as a writer at article writing websites
  • Set up a Fiverr gig
  • Find local dentists that need articles for their blog
  • Set up your own blog about a topic and post articles about it, then use Google AdSense – I have a big list of 90 niches you can get into

Any business out there with a medium to high-ticket price on services would be a good customer to have. If you can find 20 of these customers, then provide 1 article to them each week for $25, that’s income of $2000 per month for not much work at all.

And they’ll gladly pay that for good articles. They’ll think it’s cheap.

Have a Monthly Service (This is a No-Brainer)

Maybe get access to their website to post the articles yourself for them. If they have a WordPress website, that’s easy. Maybe charge $150 a month to write four 700 word articles and post them. Get 15 of those clients and you’re banking $2,250 per month on the side. That’s making $150/hour!

It’ll probably only take 1 hour per client because in WordPress, you can schedule articles to post in the future. You can get all the work done for each client at once.

If you spent 3 hours a night for 5 nights during the week, you’d have all your work done for the month. How easy is that?

How to Do It

Sign up here for the AI article writing engine.

Go and Do This

Let me tell you, years ago, I used to buy articles from places like iWriter and Textbroker. Some of them were really bad and I couldn’t accept them. It was just all fluff and full of phrases like “nowadays…” and “These are the best…” all over the place. If you’ve never had articles written by foreigners, then you have no idea what I’m talking about but it was bad.

The articles this engine produces are good – way better than what I was buying 10 years ago.

Go do this. It’s a great side hustle.

The only trick will be finding clients but with a little work, you can do that. Local businesses work the best. If you over-deliver on what you promise, then word-of-mouth advertising will help you a lot. Ask your satisfied clients to tell others about you and give you testimonials.

When you do it, please report back and let me know how it’s going – leave comments here.


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