Prevent WordPress XSS

Prevent WordPress XSS Vulnerability

I'll show you how to prevent and fix the WordPress XSS (cross site scripting) vulnerability that seems to make the news a few times...

Google’s Disavow Tool

This is interesting. If you have bad links (or what you think are bad links - not everyone is thinking correctly when they do this...

Is it Better to Use the “www” Version of Your Domain Name?

When setting up your domain name and website, one error I see a lot is that both the "www" and the non-www version of...

Glossary of Internet and Web Terminology

Anchor Synonymous with hyperlinks, anchor refers to non-linear links among documents. Or more simply put, it's the word or phrase that can be...
Top 10 Website Ranking Factors

10 Tweaks to Increase Website Rankings and Conversions

Really every business owner wants their website to rank higher. Higher rankings equals more traffic, which equals more sales and leads, right? Yes, in...

Remove All Instances of Thumbs.db on Your Linux Web Server

I help run a few web servers and one thing that bugs me is when you end up with all these Thumbs.db files hanging...
Set Up Google Analytics and Search Console

How to Set Up Google Analytics and Google Search Console with WordPress

In my book and in my online courses, I explain that you should have Google Analytics and Google Search Console (formerly called "Google Webmaster...
Website design meeting

How Much Does a Website Cost to Build?

If you've never had a website built for you, you might be wondering how much it costs to have a website built. I get...
WordPress Hack

Hide the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper Notice in the WP Admin

Here's the solution I found: Install the Add Admin CSS plugin. 2. Add this CSS into the settings (under the Appearance menu): /* Hide jQuery Helper...
Logo for Google Chrome web browser

Help! PDF Files are Not Opening in Chrome

I've seen a number of people talking about how clicking on PDF files no longer works with the Google Chrome web browser. I mainly...

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