Kids Are Selling Their Favorite Toys to Do This One, Smart Thing…


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Kids are SELLING Their Toys for Money to Get in On This

(I do not gain anything from this, it’s for YOUR benefit ONLY – so keep reading)

Really, I like never, ever tell people they need to do something. That’s not my style. I’m breaking that rule right now. If you are reading this, you NEED to do it. You will thank me a thousand times later for this.

First, this is not financial advice. Do this at your own risk. Also, this page is being updated all the time, so please bookmark it and keep checking back.

This is the Biggest Transfer of Wealth in Human History…

In a nutshell… Everything is about to change. I mean everything. More and more people are waking up to figuring this out. It’s a deep, deep rabbit hole, but everyone’s going to find out about this eventually (this year – by July 2022, I would guess). One big thing (probably second or third on the list from the top, if you ask me) is we’re going to a new financial system.

This new financial system gets rids of central banks like The Federal Reserve (a private company – not the government, by the way) and others like it. The proof is everywhere, but you’re (unfairly) NOT being told about it. We’re getting asset-backed currency (which we were taken off of in 1971), which means our money is actually worth something – versus the government and Fed being able to print as much money as they want out of thin air, making our dollars worth less and less.

This new, quantum financial system will come out of something already signed into law that practically every nation on Earth has agreed to called NESARA (or GESARA) – you can read more into that, but lots of cool stuff’s happening like all debts forgiven. Yes, ALL debt forgiven. I’m hearing some people report this is happening.

Pretty soon, we’ll be on paper money and digital money. All of it IS asset-backed. This talk of a Central Bank Digital Currency is scary, but the good guys (white hats) are in control of it now.

What’s going to happen (is now already happening) this new system is blockchain technology called Stellar Lumens (or “Stellar” for short). Bitcoin’s going away. Stellar, XRP (Ripple), and other blockchain coins will run everything – not banks.

Have you ever heard that if you send money across the world, it can take like 7 days? Do you really think it has to take that long? I mean, it’s 2022 now. Or, are banks holding on to all those transactions for 7 days where they invest it, then finally get it to where it needs to go after they’ve made money on it? Oh, and they charge you for the transaction as well.

That’s going away because it’s stealing.

The Federal Reserve (the “Fed”) can print trillions of dollars at a push of a button. This is a tax. Our money becomes worth much less when this happens, cleverly just referred to as inflation. Since 1971, our money is not backed by precious metals like gold and silver. It’s fiat currency that’s worth… much less.

Here’s a chart showing what is about to happen – but you don’t need to understand this now…

Asset-back currencies

As you can see above, XRP is backed by gold, XLM (Stellar) is backed by silver, and so on.

The one to focus on for the moment is Steller Lumens (or “Stellar”), which is also called XLM. This is where the new QFS (Quantum Financial System) stock market is going to be and is  starting NOW (which is the whole point of this page).

On Stellar, right now, a LOT of cool things are happening. You can buy asset-backed coins and tokens (tokenizing things is like converting physical items into digital – don’t think the Metaverse… not at all) for super cheap prices. Any asset can be turned into a token on Stellar.

Here’s an example:

  • At the time I’m writing this (March 5, 2022) XLM (Stellar) costs $0.22.
  • You can buy 1 SUNGOLD (gold backed) for 0.0000383 XLM.
  • In other words, spending 1 XLM ($0.22) gets me 22,315.3915759 SUNGOLD.

When that re-valuates (happening before July, I’m guessing – don’t blame me if I’m wrong), that 1 SUNGOLD could go to whatever the price of gold is at that time or when it’s actually, physically mined ($1,931.80 at the time I’m writing this).

Does that mean a $0.23 investment will be worth $43,108,873.45?

I don’t know, but I would guess it’s going to be worth a whole lot more than $0.23 – that’s for sure.

I keep updating this post – and on May 9, 2022 I’m buying XLM at $0.15 – so, it’s even better than what’s written above if you get in now. SUNGOLD is up slightly, too.

Stellar/XLM is going to be the new currency. It’s not Bitcoin. One Bitcoin transaction uses enough energy to power a home for 6-8 weeks. It’s expensive, slow, and uses too much energy. XLM solves this. Transactions are fast (3-4 seconds), cost way less (fractions of a penny), and hardly use any energy at all. You can send money across the world in seconds and it’s cheap. There’s no bank in the middle, stealing from you.

OK… Here’s the KICKER!

This new stock market, based on Stellar/XLM, is asset-backed. For something to be in this market (LOBSTR – I’ll get to that in a minute), it must be asset-backed. Stellar is backed by silver. Other assets are backed by gold. And there’s even tokenized assets like property, which is tangible but has been converted into digital assets.

Think about it. Right now, if you buy a stock and it goes to zero, what do you have? Nothing. Where did that money go? To the owner of the market or somewhere. But, if everything you’re holding and trading is an asset, it’s never worth nothing.

Let me repeat that…

If everything you’re holding and trading is an asset, it’s NEVER worth nothing.

Wow. I mean, isn’t that how things should be? I mean, doesn’t that just make sense? When this revelation hits you, it makes you start to wake up and understand the really evil system we’ve been living in where there’s just the illusion we’re making money, but we’re really just slaves to the system.

Would You Risk Just $25?

That’s the question. Most people can easily afford to risk twenty-five bucks for that kind of opportunity.

I really don’t gain anything by you doing this. I’m just trying to help you.

Did you know Bitcoin was $106 per coin back in August 2014? It’s now worth $45,291 per coin. For every $50 invested back then, it would be worth $21,363 now.

Stellar LogoThis opportunity with Stellar is like 1000 to 100,000 times that!

  • Stellar actually has function behind it. Bitcoin does not.
  • Bitcoin is slow and uses tons of energy. Stellar is fast and efficient.
  • Bitcoin is like your dad’s first car. Stellar is like a Tesla.

This change we’re talking about now is a change to the system of the whole world. Like, everything is going to change (for the better). You’re not hearing about it because you’re still watching the big news networks, who do not want to report that the evil system they control is falling apart.

Right now, there’s the people that are “awake” (not “woke”) to what’s going on, and those who are still sleeping (sometimes called “normies” – I didn’t make that up). Again, this is a deep rabbit hole that you’re going to find out about soon. Others of us have been in it a while (months, years, and some… decades). It’s going to finally switch over now – in 2022 for sure.

Some people are not ready to accept this and will remain sleeping. That might be you. If so, then the rest of us will get in now and we’ll see you later. No problem. We’ll just say that we tried to tell you. That’s all we can do.

So again, is the risk of $25 worth potentially getting millions? I definitely think so.

Oh Yeah, I Almost Forgot the Best Part…
You Can Buy Seized Assets of Major Companies for PENNIES

Lots of penniesYes, you can buy seized assets of MAJOR companies for pennies right now because they were a part of the evil system, cheating us. We’re talking like millions of shares of companies like Amazon, Toyota, Sony, Walmart and others for a few pennies. When you start doing that, your mind gets blown.

I own trillions of shares right now and I haven’t spent much money at all. Yes, I heard some kids are selling their toys and buying these shares with that money (that is in the video links below). They’re going to be set for life.

And then here’s an investment I made late on Friday night, which popped up the next morning. I bought it for $18 and the next morning, it went to $199 (a profit of $181 in just a few hours – this isn’t typical, by the way). I sold $80 of it to take out some profit and I’m letting the rest ride:

Graphic showing increase

At the very end of this message is a list of exchange domains to use when you search.

DYOR – Do your own research, people. Do not trust what I have listed. I’m not responsible. Do this at your own risk.

In the QSI link lower in this page, you’ll find a list over there where they’ve done research on some good investments – they’ve done some vetting. Start with those assets. The links to videos below will help you understand how to do this. There IS a learning curve, but it’s not difficult.

Is This LEGIT? Is it Real?

With any investment, there’s risk. Do not spend any money you’re prepared to lose.

With that said, there’s more and more proof coming out that this market on LOBSTR is legit. As of May 8, 2022, Emily said that only 0.08% of the world’s population in involved in this. So, it’s still VERY early. That could change very soon, but getting in now seems like a very good idea.

We’re talking generational wealth, which means wealth you will pass on to your future generations. Yeah, so much you can’t even spend it. Honestly, you won’t want to. You’ll start businesses and learn how to manage these kinds of funds. We’re going into a period in time where money really won’t matter that much. We’re realize it’s just a tool – like a screwdriver or hammer. We’ll instead focus on relationships and helping each other.

This is why I’m writing about this. I want to help as many people as possible get in on this as early as possible. We’re pre-liquidity at this moment. When the stock market crashes, it’ll be taken down for 3 days as all that wealth gets tokenized and moved into LOBSTR.

Is getting in now cheating? No, it’s how the new system works. We’ve been cheated our whole lives and it’s finally turning around and coming back to us. God is moving and making this happen. Evil is on the way out. The sooner people start seeing this, the sooner it’ll flip – although it’s already happening gradually (and the rate is picking up rather quickly now).

Here’s How to Get In…

Using a blockchain (“crypto”) wallet is something new to most people. Once you try it and get trained on it, it’s actually pretty easy to use. It’s very much like using Venmo, actually.

This is all happening on a wallet called LOBSTR (an app in your phone’s app marketplace).

If you’re on a desktop or laptop, you can sign up here and use your web browser, but I find the app works much better.

Get your account set up and fund it with at least $25. You’ll start off buying Stellar Lumens – that’s what you want. The process is maybe… a little strange if you’re not used to setting up a wallet. Just keep going through it and you’ll get there. It’s not terrible. Save your wallet phrases offline and never share them with anyone… ever.

The LOBSTR Wallet and Website are Both Useful

Illustration of the LOBSTR wallet

I wish the app and the website ( acted the same, but they don’t. Sometimes there’s more info at one or things are done a different way, so don’t be afraid to switch between them.

Sometimes the app will throw activation messages at you or sort of get stuck. When that happens, I either restart the app and try again, or I go to the website and I can usually get things done there. I switch between the app and the website.

Make sure you set up two factor authorization via the Authenticator app to protect your account.

What I’ve learned is there are two versions of the LOBSTR app. What I mean is, one for now, one for later. It’s the same app, but a different version will come out later (it’s already ready to go). The version we have now is sometimes slow on transactions on purpose. It’s to slow us down because we’re still learning. It’s buggy so we can learn how to get through things. This is more than just investing, folks! 🙂

It’s sort of like using Venmo, but if you haven’t used Venmo much before (I was recently in that club), you need to start getting used to using QR codes – like to start paying for groceries at the store. New, Quantum phones will be coming out in the future. They’re going to use things like QR codes for transactions and the money will come out of your Stellar wallet. It’ll be very safe and transparent.


Once you get your account set up, follow the instructions below and use my code (NNQVBBIRI) to get 1,000 AQUA (worth about 16 XLM) into your account and my account:

In LOBSTR, choose “Settings” in the side menu on mobile or web platform and navigate to the “Redeem code” section.

Once there, enter your referral code (NNQVBBIRI) and redeem it to receive the promo reward.

Once the code is successfully redeemed, both you and your referral will receive a claimable reward bonus of 1000 AQUA tokens.


1. Invite a friend who is new to LOBSTR to join
2. Share your unique referral code
3. Your friend purchases $25 or more worth of XLM or other crypto in the ‘Buy Lumens’ section
4. Ask a friend to redeem your code in the ‘Redeem code’ section within 30 days of them joining LOBSTR

AQUA bonus will be available for both of you to claim in 3 days after they confirm the purchase.

The bonus program is limited to the first 3 friends who redeem your code. Each friend is entitled to only one bonus after the first XLM or crypto purchase.

Next, Learn All About It

I actually got set up and taught myself how to use it in maybe 40 minutes, but I’m a tech guy and I’ve been buying / selling / trading crypto a couple of years already. If you’re new, you should definitely go through the online tutorials below because…

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can easily mess things up, like buy the wrong ones. What I mean by the wrong ones is, the marketplace is filled with coins/tokens that look legit, but they might not be (they use a domain that’s similar to the real one, but is actually different). If you go through the tutorials below, you’ll learn how to figure that out. And, if you do happen to buy something wrong, do not fear or worry.

Again, no FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) or FOMO (fear of missing out). Relax. Take time to look at what you’re investing a few cents in. Choose assets that resound with you. Let others go, it’s fine.

This is a process. Stick with it and you’ll get it. Mistakes lead to success and understanding.

Must-Use Resources

Above all, do NOT share your wallet phrases with anyone. People might try to direct message (DM) or private message (PM) you, starting a relationship, trying to get your information. Do not give people this kind of information. There are scammers out there. Also, it’s best to write your phrases down (in order, of course) and keep them offline (never online – ever). Keep them somewhere safe and have multiple copies of them in safe places. If you ever need to get to your wallet, like on a new device, you will need these words.

I won’t kid you, if this is new to you, there is a LOT to learn, but it’s worth it and it’s not terribly difficult. Don’t give up. Ask questions in the QSI Telegram channel. This is definitely NOT something you’ll want to skip. If it takes you a few nights of going through this, you won’t regret it.

Remember, investing is different than a job. With your job, you get paid for the time you spent, and that’s it. With investing, you do something once and you keep getting paid. That is why people get rich – this very concept.

Tony HermanDo NOT Trust What I’m Saying

That’s right. Do your own research (DYOR) – do not trust what is on this page. Find out for yourself. I’m just some guy who is not a financial expert. I do follow what God is saying and this is all falling exactly in line with what I’m hearing there, but find out for yourself before you invest. It’s your money, spend it wisely.

If you want to go down the rabbit hole even more, here are some places to start:

How to Buy XLM (Stellar)

When I buy more Stellar, I was buying at Coinbase, but now they’re holding on to your assets for a week, which is kind of ridiculous. I’m now using Bittrex, where you can transfer your balance of XLM to your LOBSTR instantly.

To transfer from Bittrex to LOBSTER:

  1. Buy XLM on Bittrex.
  2. Go to your Holdings page and find your XLM Balance.
  3. Click “Withdraw”
  4. Choose how much to send (do like $5 as a test your first time).
  5. Enter your LOBSTR wallet address to receive (more about that below).
  6. Hit “Continue” to send it. You do NOT need to include a memo – in fact, do NOT add a memo. You’ll also be asked to authenticate if you have that set up.


You’ll find your receiving address in LOBSTR under your account:

LOBSTR wallet address

It’s OK to share your wallet address with anyone since it’s receive-only. What I do is first send a test amount like $5 over to LOBSTR to make sure I do it right the first time (Bittrex may require a higher amount). You’ll see it show up in LOBSTR under transactions.

Don’t Forget to Buy Some XRP

You’ll want to diversify what you buy. Sometimes I’ll buy $1 of something. Sometimes just half of 1 XLM, which is like $0.11.

I would suggest holding some XRP (use the domain – per QSI). People are predicting some pretty wild values in the future. Right now, it’s around $0.78, but it could go to $5,000, $50,000 or more per coin – who knows? I’ve even heard people say XRP might not be available to purchase in the future, so having some could be like holding rare coins. It’s basically meant for banks to use to transfer large sums of money, but it’s available to us right now.

Air Drops = FREE Money?

One more thing… just by having a wallet, you’re going to receive money for FREE (kind of).

Yeah. Most of this is pretty much worthless and will remain that way, but some of it might take off. You’ll also receive yields daily if you buy any coins that give you daily interest.

The point of air-dropped coins is promotion. When you research a coin/token, you’ll want to check how many people have it in their trust lines (have installed it) and how many holders there are. The higher those numbers, the more trustworthy it looks. To get those numbers up, they hand it out for free. Thus, the air drop.

Just beware… some of these are fake and won’t become anything. They have names that sound like a real thing, but they won’t be worth much of anything. Sometimes, though, you can collect them and get rid of them while they still have value and make a little money. I just did that, actually.

For example, you just don’t want to see, for example, something that looks like SUNGOLD, but it’s under the wrong domain (not, which is the one we believe is legit – DYOR) and think that you want to buy some more of that. You’d be spending your money on something fake (which may or may not hold some value for a little while – just sayin’). I’ll accept it but know that it’s not the real SUNGOLD. I know that other people will buy this one, thinking it’s the real one, driving the price up, but I’ll sell at that point.

I think it costs half an XLM to install/accept, so you can decide not to claim them, but I think most people claim them because if they do take off, you could make a huge profit – or you could sell them before they’re worthless.

This morning, I logged in and had 5 pending deposits (transactions) to claim (including some gold) – take a look:

New deposit into LOBSTR

Later today, I’ll get another 5-10 more. You’ll want to keep checking because sometimes, these offers are only there for a few hours and then they expire.

Think about it – we’re so early right now that they need to give us free money to try it. Wow!

What I’ve found is, it’s probably best to just convert all these air drops to Aqua. There’s an option to do this in the LOBSTR app. Your wallet can only hold 1,000 trustlines and orders. I’m already on my second wallet, actually. This time, I’m just converting these airdrops to AQUA so that I’m not using trustlines for these coins, which may not amount to much.

In fact, if you don’t want to invest any money, just open a wallet and wait for air drops. Then, convert them to AQUA. After that, convert the AQUA to XLM, then buy some assets or keep the XLM. There you go… no risk with a potentially huge payoff.


Take a few hours and learn LOBSTR, XLM/Stellar/QFS – this is a system we’re going to. We’re talking generational wealth here, potentially. There’s also a lot more going on than you know (keep reading).

And, (again, not financial advice) I’ve heard that if you have money in the stock market where you’re risking it and it’s not under the umbrella of retirement (like an IRA or annuities), the market will crash and you’ll lose it because it’s going to zero. If you move it to cash within your account, you’ll be safe. Any money you’re risking in the market will be gone. This crash is coming very soon. Again, retirement savings will transition over, but money outside of that, still in stocks, will disappear. I’ve heard this many times from many different people. It’s up to you, of course.

I’ll never say, “I told you so” to someone, but I will say “I tried to tell you” to some people in the future. Those are very different statements with different intentions. I’m trying to get this word out. Not everyone will listen. Some won’t accept it. Some will blow it off saying, “That’s not true” without even any proof – just an opinion. I’m providing links above to more than just opinions. If you don’t look at that, and blow it off, I really think you’ll regret it. This page may be the only time you’ll be presented with this opportunity.

Join my Telegram channel for more.

I do update this page, so be sure to bookmark it and come back.

Most Importantly…

The letter "Q"This QFS system (think “Q”) and LOBSTR is a different kind of system. It’s like nothing you’ve used before. How you interact with it is important. Have good intentions and no fear.

Yeah, taking assets used for evil, gobbling them up on discount, and using them for good is not bad, but it’s better to shift your thinking to more being a steward of humanitarian assets in order to help other people (I stole some of this from Emily – you’ll find out who she is).

if you wake up one day and see your wallet balance at zero (LOBSTR blackout), do not freak out (fear) but hold. Do not do anything, but just wait. It should all come back in 3 days. This pause is necessary. This is something I’ve been told will happen. Be calm during that time – no fear, just hold (HODL) and wait.

If the app seems glitchy and you have problems, it’s testing your faith and patience. Still, just remain calm and ask others for help in the Telegram QFS group. You’re basically being taught to work with other people in that scenario.

Everything has value – even junk, scam coins. If you think you bought something that’s a scam, don’t fear or worry.

Getting in on this before the crash, from what I understand, means you’re probably a somewhat early adopter. Don’t buy lots out of greed, but only with the aim to help people. I have some friends and family who just haven’t stopped sleeping and are not awake. That’s fine. I’m letting them sleep (even though I’ve tried to wake them up). I’m happy to buy assets in their place so I can bless them later. I’m happy to post this on my website and pass this on to whomever I can now.

Later on (soon), we’re going to have a moment when we realize we’ll be in charge (steward) lots of assets. It’s going to be scary. We’re talking about generation wealth, which means more money you can spend in your lifetime and money that will be passed on for generations – the next 1,000 years (hint, hint – IYKYK). The good thing is, we’re going to realize money doesn’t matter. It’s just a tool – like how a screwdriver is a tool. Other things matter more. With money out of the equation, we’re going to be concentrating on other things. It’s going to be great.

On the other hand, most lottery winners go broke. There will be people who don’t know how to manage their money, and they’re going to need some education. Our thinking and actions will go toward helping people – either with certain types of education, or other kinds of projects. For me, I’d like to get into organic farming because we’re going to need to be doing that – we won’t want processed food anymore and we’ll have time to do these things since we won’t be working for money.

And then…

There’s more going on here than we know. I’m learning more about this and I want to pass this much on. It sounds strange, but your intentions and feelings matter as you use your LOBSTR wallet. It matters a lot. How you’re using this system is being tracked – in a way we’re not used to… this, the “Quantum” (spiritual) part of this system.

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