Just a 57 Word Post Makes Money

I put together a quick, 57-word post on a certain website I have on May 15th and as of August 14th (in the morning), I’m seeing over 4,700 views of it. My earnings have gone up 4 times on that website, too.

Page view stats

It all comes down to writing the right kind of content.

Think about it… if you’re searching for an answer online, do you need a super long page to explain something simple? No, that would be a terrible result. The more concise the better.

Yes, you can rank websites with very short content… I’m doing it. When you do, you’re building an online asset that pays you back every month. I wrote those 57 words once and I’ll keep getting paid for that. How many words a day do you write in text messages? This article is 153 words – it’s not long.

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