I was just on a webinar and the presenter said that his website only worked with the “www” in the website address.


I didn’t know this was still an issue, so… here’s the solution.

Get Your Website to Work with the “www” in the Domain

There could be two, main reasons for why this is happening. The first way to get it working is to adjust the settings of your hosting. Talk to your website host and they can help you.

Secondly, it might be your office network. It might work fine on another network that’s not your office network. Turn the wi-fi off on your phone and see if it comes up without the “www” part (or try at home). If so, then it’s your office network and it needs a DNS entry made since your office network is set up as your domain name.

I have an article about checking your office network for this issue and how to fix it called:

Everyone Can See Our Website Except People at Our Company

And that should help you as it goes into more details.

Make Sure Only One Version Works

Since we’re on the topic, you want to make sure that either:

  • The www version forwards to the non-www version, or…
  • The non-www version forwards to the www version

You don’t want both working without a forward or else search engines might see that as duplicate versions of the same website and you could get penalized for that.


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