Copyright Dates on Websites

How Do I Update the Copyright Date on my Website Automatically? One way to tell if a website hasn't been updated in a while is...
CloudFlare logo

Switch Your DNS to CloudFlare to Be Protected

Owning a Website Comes With Responsibility With how websites are built today on systems like WordPress, Joomla, DotNetNuke, Drupal and others, you're running actual software...

Final Reminder / Notice About Your Domain Name

Ha! I got one of these scam/fake notices today ("FINAL NOTICE - Your account is pending cancellation") which looks like this: This is a scam...
Website design meeting

How Much Does a Website Cost to Build?

If you've never had a website built for you, you might be wondering how much it costs to have a website built. I get...
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Disable mod_pagespeed for a Domain or URL

If you have mod_pagespeed turned on for your server and need it turned off for a domain, here is what to do (for Apache). Just...
Logo for Google Chrome web browser

Help! PDF Files are Not Opening in Chrome

I've seen a number of people talking about how clicking on PDF files no longer works with the Google Chrome web browser. I mainly...

Redirect Examples Using .htaccess

I'm happy to say that after a lot of research, trial and error, and pulling out of my hair, I found some good mod_rewrite...

What is DNS and How Does it Work?

DNS stands for "Domain Name Service" (or "System") and once I explain what it is, that'll make sense. What DNS does is convert domain names...
WordPress Hack

Hide the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper Notice in the WP Admin

Here's the solution I found: Install the Add Admin CSS plugin. 2. Add this CSS into the settings (under the Appearance menu): /* Hide jQuery Helper...
Have a Vimeo Video Autoplay, Muted, and Closed Captioned

How to Embed a Vimeo Video With Autoplay On, Mute On, and Captions On

When embedding a video on a page for marketing purposes (where someone might not expect to see your page, especially), it's nice to have...

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