Turn a Video Into a GIF Image

Sometimes you want to post what’s in a video but you can only post an image, so what do you do? You turn the video into an animated GIF image. And it’s really easy to do, too!

All you do is take the video URL (address) from YouTube and add 3 letters.

Just add “gif” in front of youtube.com.

For example, I randomly found this video about a ski jumper:


And you change it to this:


The result is you’re taken to a page where an editor loads (it takes a minute to load the video from YouTube). You can then choose which section of the video to make into a GIF:

Video to GIF Image Editor

You can get it how you want and then click the “Export GIF” button at the top to get your image file.

Export GIF image

And here’s how it looks:

Now, go turn some cat videos into GIFs… you know you want to!



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