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I found that lots of people today either have two part time jobs or have a full time job and need to also have a good side hustle, making some extra money to help them. This is a lot more common lately.

To help you, I found 10 jobs where you can work online from home and get paid either weekly or even daily in some cases. There are even some bonus ways listed at the bottom.

Scribie1. Scribie

Can you watch a video and type what is being said? Then why not get paid for sitting at home doing that? You get paid for transcribing audio files into text. It’s just that simple. Do it when you have time – hey, instead of watching a movie or TV, make some money and you don’t even have to leave home!

2. UserTesting

Are you a real person? If you’re reading this, you most likely are. Guess what? Companies need you to test their products and apps for them. They want you – like a real person. Yeah. They want your feedback and will pay you for it. It’s jobs like logging into a website or things like that.

From what I hear, people have opinions on everything, right? In most cases, they’re just giving their opinion and they’re not getting paid. Why not get paid for that?

Go to the UserTesting website and learn more about this amazing opportunity.

3. Qmee

The problem with places where you take online surveys and stuff is that you sometimes earn points or rewards or something. Hey, we want cash! That’s the nice thing about Qmee – you get cash, baby!

Let’s not give surveys a bad rap because companies need this information to help them market their products better. It’s some work to fill them out and you get paid for your time, so that’s not bad.

You also earn while you search and shop (stuff you normally do anyway), so give Qmee a try!

New jobs available!4. Field Agent

Can you do things like go into a local store and take a picture of a product with your phone? Well, if so, then you can make some money with the Field Agent app. Companies want to see how their products are displayed in stores, so since you live where you live and they don’t, they can hire you to go check it out for them. Simple.

They also want you to go do each task within 2 hours, so make sure you have the time.

You can get paid up to $12/hour with this app, so go check out Field Agent now.

5. OneSpace

They have some online jobs available that you might be suited for. It’s a website for freelancers who have some technical skills – usually computer related like design or translation but that might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Go check out OneSpace to see what they have available. Click the Apply button to find out more.

Gigwalk logo6. Gigwalk

Like Field Agent, Gigwalk has tests or tasks for you to complete. Not a bad way to get out, do some quick/easy things and get paid.

7. Google

Yes, with Google Opinion Rewards, you can get paid while using your phone – like while you’re standing in line, waiting somewhere. It’s surveys done the Google way.

Sign up is easy and then just answer a few questions about brands. They pay with rewards/gift certificates but payment is easy. Give it a shot and let us know what you think!

8. ClearVoice

Have you ever seen ads on TV and thought you could write better ads? Well, quit thinking that and actually do it. Work with brands, giving them ideas and doing writing to help them communicate with their audience. Go check out ClearVoice if this kind of thing is, well… your thing!

Follower Cash9. Follower Cash

Can you share a link on your social profile? Yeah, that sounds pretty easy. Share the link and get paid for each person that signs up. It does cost $12 to sign up but you can get paid over $14 per signup, so you can make that back pretty quickly.

It takes just about 5 minutes to get set up at Follower Cash. You’ll set up your link to share and then just go out there and share it. Get as many signups as you want where you make $7-14 or more (plus some recurring commissions) per person that signs up.

10. iWriter

Yes, I know that getting paid to write articles sounds really boring but what if I said you don’t even have to write them? Yes, I found a little loophole. Well, it’s not a loophole but it’s simply taking 2 things and putting them together to make money.

What iWriter needs is people writing articles. People come to them for good articles because they need original content for their websites. You then get paid when you take the assignment and write articles for them.

The twist here is that there’s an automated writing tool online called Article Forge that writes articles for you! Yes, it uses artificial intelligence and actually writes good articles. They’re not bad articles. Punch in the keyword, tell it how long to make it and within a couple minutes, you get a unique article! All you really have to do is proof it to just double check it makes sense.

The cool thing is, it’s a flat fee per month for as many articles as you want. They even have a 7 day, free trial! Go sign up at iWriter, get some assignments, then punch them into Article Forge and turn them around and get paid! Easy!

Of all the ways to make money online listed here, this one has the most potential – even enough to start a college savings plan for your children even. That way, you’re earning consistent money AND using a savings plan at the same time… brilliant.

107 Ways to Make Money OnlineWant More Ways?

How about 107 more ways to make money online? We’ve got them for you!

Download the “107 Ways to Make Money Online” guide and get more ways to work from home and earn cash. You’ll get the same kinds of ways listed here but even more with better descriptions and explanations of what to do. It’s great.

Go to 107waysguide.com now and check it out. Go make your first $100 online!

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