What is it Like Doing Internet Marketing?


Tony HermanHello!

My name is Tony and I’ve been doing Internet Marketing a long time now. My first ventures were back in 1995 with my first website and first e-newsletter. I then hit it pretty big in 2005 with affiliate marketing, which got me into website marketing in 2009. Since then, I’ve been doing it on the side while I run my website design business, bringing in what I learn.

Sometimes people ask me what it’s like doing marketing online. They see videos online with guys buying hot sports cars and big houses and wonder if it’s that easy. To be honest, it takes work. All those people started out where you may be now – just wondering what it’s like and that’s a good place to be. I was there, too!

Honestly, you’ll start off on your own in most cases. You may have a mentor or group you join (which I highly recommend) but it will be just you doing the work by yourself. Nobody’s doing the work for you. That time can be a bit lonely and you’ll feel like it’s just you by yourself. The work you do and hours you put in won’t earn you a paycheck for a while. You’ll basically be working for free but you will be working yourself, so all the work you do is your own. You will get a payout later and it’ll be good. You work hard at the beginning so you can take it easy later. Yes, that will happen.

Here in America, we grow up with a “do your homework, hand it in, get your grade” mentality and that’s not how it works with Internet Marketing. Like I said, you get your paycheck (grade) later. It’s not instant. This can throw many people for a loop and they’ll give up too quickly. This happens a lot.

I truly want to help anyone considering going into Internet Marketing with all the advice and tips I can. That’s really what much of my website is about.

So I came upon a course that explains what Internet Marketing is like pretty well. It gives tips, advice, and really helps anyone understand what the lifestyle is (since it’s different). I liked the course so much that I got permission to sell it since I knew people coming to my website would benefit from it. It’s called “Internet Marketing Lifestyle” and it is a great guide that will help you!

Internet Marketing Lifestyle

This course shows you the right way to be an Internet Marketer. Yes, you can travel, work, and get paid. That’s kind of the dream for anyone that’s single right? Or if you have a family, you want more time with your kids and spouse, right? Knowing how to work your day and get set up right is vital to obtaining those goals.

Honestly, I didn’t pay too much for the rights to this course, but I got to thinking… if I gave it away free, I might get people downloading it but would they actually read it and follow it? What would most likely happen is that they’d give it a quick look and then stick it in a folder and forget about it. So to help make sure people that are serious about finding out what it’s like to be an Internet Marketer, I’ve put a small price on it. It’s enough so that you “have skin in the game” as they say, but not so much that it would prevent anyone from buying it. That’s fair and makes sense, right?

If you’re following what I’m saying and want to know more, then there’s a very small step to take…

Yes, I Want to Find Out More, Tony!