web-maintenanceNeed Help With Your Website?

If you don’t have time to update your website or website software, then help is available. Maybe you just don’t have time to get through a laundry list of things that need to be done to improve your website. Or maybe your “web guy” has left town and left you high and dry with a website you don’t know how to update. Either way, you can easily get these things done by using Webstix Website Maintenance!

New Customer Offer!

There’s even a great offer for new clients where you can get 2 hours of work for only $87! That’s very cheap. Any extra time that’s not used is kept in your account for later.

You just send in what you want done, they give you a quote, you approve it or ask questions and then they get started. The work is done, tested and you get a report. Work is usually done within 24-48 hours after you approve the quote. It’s easy and people from all over the nation (and some internationally) are using it. They love it.


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