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WordpressThe Easiest Possible Way to Set Up WordPress

If you need to get a WordPress website set up and if you need hosting at the same time, then there’s really no easier way to do that than I’m going to show you here.

WordPress Set Up Tutorial

I’ve got you covered! I made a separate website that’s just basically one, long page about how to set up WordPress. Go to InstallWPGuide.com.

Choose Your Hosting Wisely

I’ll walk you through setting up your website hosting with A2 Hosting, which is the perfect website host for anyone first starting their own website. I host lots of sites there. Their servers are really fast – they’re fanatical about speed for sure. They offer great support and they really help you with things. Their uptime is really good and they keep improving how they do things, so I plan to stick with them for a while. I’m even closing down my HostGator accounts and I’m moving everything to A2 Hosting.

Why A2?

You get fast, SSD (solid state drives) hosting and this solves a bunch of problems. It saves you a lot of work because the hosting is already fast. You don’t have to play around with your hosting and website settings to try to squeeze every bit of speed out of your website – the speed is already there.

With the setup they give you (and what I show below), your website will be fast, right out of the box! It’s really a no-brainer. So save yourself a lot of trouble and headaches and get good hosting like A2 Hosting.

Video Walk Through

Here’s a video walking you through how to install WordPress. You can pause the video at any time if you need to but the set up is really easy.

At the end of the video, I give you a quick tour around WordPress and give you some settings to change right away, so be sure to do all of that.

So sign up right here: A2 Hosting

This video is a part of my “Set Up a Website That Pays in 7 Days” course, so you get a little taste of what that’s like. There’s a WHOLE lot more to it than just this video. This video is just about half of what one of the days is.

The course is FREE and I in just 7 days, I give you lessons that are about an hour long each that walk you through how to set up a money-making website. It’s what I’ve learned in the last 10+ years doing Internet Marketing where I’ve sold websites for big money!

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