Stop Using Internet Explorer… Like, Now!


If You’re Using IE, Your Computer Has Probably Already Been Hacked

If you’re using Internet Explorer (by Microsoft) as your web browser, please stop using it. You may already be hacked – yeah, that’s how bad it is!

People still using Windows XP (which was a good operating system but it’s no longer supported) got stuck with Internet Explorer 8 and cannot upgrade further without going to a newer version of Windows.

Other people still need to use Internet Explorer (IE) because there’s a certain application their company uses that only works with IE. First of all, if you’re in that position, then that’s a clue that the app you’re using is really old. You should check for an update or use something else that’s more modern. Second, if that’s the case, then just use IE for that application and nothing else. Get another browser to use as your default web browser.

Statistics show that IE use is down, so if you’re still using it, you’re a part of a small minority. People are switching to Chrome. My main web browser is Firefox but I do use Chrome for a number of things on a daily basis.

Web Developer Support Dwindling

Web developers still pay a little attention to it but not as much. That means certain websites (modern ones) might not work very well with Internet Explorer.

The technology is old and, quite frankly, we NEVER wanted to develop websites for Internet Explorer but we had to since so many people were using it by default years ago. Microsoft did things just slightly different than the other browsers, so we always had to develop things 2 ways so that people using IE could view the website. We’re very happy these days are behind us.

Microsoft Isn’t Supporting Many Versions Anymore

Even Microsoft knows it’s bad and they’re not supporting many versions anymore. Even they are trying to sweep IE under the rug.

Microsoft is killing Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10: What does it mean for you? (

Starting from January 12, 2016, Microsoft will be dropping support for all versions of Internet Explorer other than the recent version for its still-supported operating systems. In practical terms, for Microsoft’s consumer operating systems, that means:

Windows 8.1: Internet Explorer 11

Windows 7 SP1: Internet Explorer 11

Windows Vista SP2: Internet Explorer 9

So if you’re using one of those operating systems and an older version of Internet Explorer, it won’t be long before it stops getting security updates and bug fixes from Microsoft.

Support Was and Still is Terrible

The support for IE was set up to be on a schedule, so bugs and vulnerabilities were only fixed at certain times – versus fixing them when they were needed. That’s just terrible planning and it gives you a glimpse of what Microsoft thinks (thought) of their customers.

Don’t Just Take My Word For It

Here are more articles about why you should stop using Internet Explorer:

What Should You Do?

If Internet Explorer is the only web browser you have installed, then there’s just one thing left to do – use it to download another browser.

The best place to go to choose a browser and download one is at

When you install the new browser, it should ask you if you want it to be the default browser and your answer needs to be an emphatic YES!


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