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Tony HermanThe other day, I ran across an e-newsletter I published back in 1995. Yeah, 1995! That was the first idea I had for online marketing and I was way ahead of my time… too far ahead, actually. I ran it for a few months, worked on getting sponsors but people weren’t ready for it yet. I was just too early on that one but that was really my first online business.

Today is the perfect time because everyone has more computing power in their pocket than I had way back then with a huge, desktop computer. Everyone’s connected. That’s the first place they go when they’re looking for something.

The cool thing is, we’re STILL at the very beginning of this Internet/Web thing. We are! The “Internet Gold Rush” is still going on. There still isn’t enough information online, if you can believe that. I still do searches and get terrible results once in a while. Google doesn’t like this – they want a result for everything people are asking for…

and that’s where YOU come in!

Google’s looking for websites to send people to when they ask questions or need answers. If you have good information and Google likes the way you’re publishing that content, they’ll send traffic over to you. Yes, even after the Google Panda and Penguin updates (if you’ve heard of those things), content is still needed. That will not change.

This means you can start your own Internet / online business offering what you know and what you’re good at. Everyone’s an expert at something… they are. What do people come to you for when they have questions? I bet you can think of some things. Well, why not write down your knowledge on that as a book? It’s not as hard as you think.

The cool thing is…

WAIT – should I mention this to you yet?

I’m not sure if you’re ready for it because this truly is the coolest thing about having an online business and I have to be honest, once you know about thins thing and “get it” your thinking will change… your LIFE will change! I did for me… big time!

With a lot of this online business work, you do the work once and keep getting paid… over and over!

Let that sink in a minute…

Today, did you get up and go to work? Won’t you have to do that tomorrow, too? If you don’t, you won’t get a paycheck, right? You have to do that every day, right? It might be the same kind of work, over and over but you have to do it.

But what if you did your work today, stopped, and then kept on getting paid for it?

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Ok, THAT is what an online business is – in general. It’s that very principle.

The work you do today, you can keep getting paid for, over and over again. If you write a book on how to… I don’t know, choose the best tattoo, let’s say. Write up a checklist or an article and then either sell that checklist or put ads on that article and… you get paid – over and over again!

Do you get it yet?

Do the work once… keep getting paid!

If that has shocked you at all, even the smallest amount, then you definitely will want to find out more about how to start your own online business – even if it’s just to find out more of what it’s all about. You owe that much to yourself… you do.

I found a short, easy course that explains this exact concept. I didn’t create it but I reached out to the course’s owner and got the rights to sell this course myself. It’s called “5 Ways to Start an Online Business” and I know you’re going to get something useful out of it.

5 Ways to Start An Online Business

I’m offering this course plus my “107 Ways to Make Money Online” book to your for one, amazing price.


I want you to catch the bug – the Internet Marketing bug!

I’ve made over $100,000 online. It’s fun. I won’t lie… it’s some work just starting out, that’s for sure but once you make your first $1 and then your first $100 online, you’re going to do your happy dance! I did.

This book and this course are at one amazing price. You get both products because I want you to do your happy dance. I really do. If I gave it away for free, you wouldn’t have any skin in the game and you’d probably forget about it, so what would be the point of that? But I’ve set the price low enough where it’s very affordable but enough where I know you’ll at least give the material a look though. I think once you do, you’ll be even more interested. I really do!

It’s just $7.99! That’s like a coffee and a cupcake at Starbucks and getting that only lasts like 10 minutes, right? You won’t get paid over and over for that, right?

Now is the best time to experience what I’ve been living for years and years now. It’s so fun waking up and seeing you made money while you were sleeping. At a few times, it has been in the hundreds of dollars (seriously) but if you don’t do a little work, your information won’t be there, waiting to cash in – someone else will get that payday while you’re still waking up, doing the same thing, and just getting paid for each day.

Right now you have a choice – check out this opportunity or leave. Your life could change or it could stay just the same as it is right now. It’s up to you – I’m just here offering you some information and I can’t do it for you. Take the step!

Yes, I Want In!