I’ve created this page as a place to start if you’re interested in getting more traffic to your WordPress website.

I’ve been setting up WordPress websites for years and years now. I’ve sold a bunch of them from pretty big money and I still have some that make money every month.

What I really like to do is show people how to set up their own WordPress websites. Each of us has a story to tell and things that we’re good at (talents). Why not take that knowledge you have and make money on the side with it? Doing that may even turn into a small business or even a full time business. You could even retire early.

Another benefit is that you are publishing your knowledge. When you put that information online, you’re leaving a legacy. You get to leave your mark on the world and show that you were here and alive. That’s a bit deep but I think it’s pretty cool.

About Me

tony-walkingI’ve got a whole page about me but here’s the summary.

I’ve been into computers since they came out. I was programming at age 12. I’ve also been into video production and media. I got my Bachelor’s of Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Communication Arts with an emphasis on radio, TV and film.

From there, I sold audio and video equipment after college and took the initiative to be the one to manage that company’s website. That went very well and I was really successful at it, so I moved on to websites for the agricultural industry (which was interesting) and then formed my own website design company, which I still run today.

I’m also a ski instructor on the weekends in the winter. I enjoy skiing, camping, kayaking, canoeing, biking and driving on a track (car racing, basically). I also really have grown to like writing and I have several books that I’ve written and now an online course.

Who is This Website For?

This website is for anyone who wants to learn how to make money with a WordPress blog. They can be:

  • someone with a hobby that they like
  • a small business owner
  • a grandmother
  • someone with a full-time job
  • a high schooler wondering if they should go to college or not

If you would like a way to earn a steady income on the side, then I can teach you how to set up a website that can earn you that extra money.

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What You’ll Get at TonyHerman.com

I plan to keep loading up this website with lots of content about:

To be honest, there are LOTS of websites out there that teach this same thing. My emphasis, however, is on the research before you buy your domain name and how to produce content.

The old methods of putting up junk content don’t work. There are still websites out there saying to do that and it simply will not last. Websites that will produce for the long run are the ones with outstanding content. That’s why I focus on doing that.

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