Best Way to Increase Social Signals for SEO



If Your Website is Struggling to Rank Online, Then This is Exactly for You…

FINALLY Get Social Signals the Way Google Wants and Get Your Website Ranking Higher!

Let’s face it, if your website seems to have good authority, great content, and backlinks but if it looks like nobody’s talking about it online, Google won’t want to rank your website very high. They’ll choose your competition, who has good social signals, instead.

That’s not good for you.

There are a number of things you can do.

You can take time out of your busy day to post to social media. This might last a few days or even a week but then you’ll lose the enthusiasm after you don’t see anything new happening or maybe just forget to do it. This usually doesn’t end well and you feel like you’ve failed.

You can try to pay someone to post on your social media channels. There are cheap ways to do it but you get what you pay for, right? That traffic might be fake or very short lived. If you pay experts, you know it’ll take some time to get results and you will have to take time managing them, too. This can be expensive and time consuming.

But what if you had a way that:

  • continuously got social signals that looked natural to Google
  • didn’t take up your time
  • and was very inexpensive to set up and run

That would be perfect!

That is EXACTLY what a social media content locker can do for you!

What is a Social Locker?

With a social locker, your website visitors get access to content on your website after they share a page or your website on social media. People see a message covering your content which asks them to first do a share before getting access to your content. Once they do the share, they get instant access.

If you put some good, valuable content behind a social locker, people will want to do a social media share to get access to what you have. This is a great way to get both social signals and traffic.

People get access and you get them sharing it, which sends you more traffic. The social signals you receive also help your website become more popular and rank higher.

Here’s a screen shot of an example or you can view this example here and test out how it works…

Before Sharing:

Social example locker before sharing

After Sharing:

Social example locker after sharing

Before sharing, the locker is showing. After the share is done on Twitter in this example, the download link appears – along with some more content.

You can have as much content revealed after the share as you want. You just place shortcode tags around the content you want to lock and the only want to see it is if someone shares it on Twitter or Facebook.

Here’s the tweet:

Post Some Content Worth Sharing

A sample lead magnet book coverNext, just post some content that’s worth sharing – or “share worthy” as I like to say.

Here are some ideas for content worth sharing:

  • Create a list (“Top 12 Ways to…” or something similar)
  • Show a how-to video (upload to YouTube as unlisted and embed on the page)
  • Create a PDF (lead magnet) to download – in that document, have an offer / call to action at the end
  • Obtain rights to software you can give away
  • Package up some content you have in a .zip file (images, templates, etc.)

And go a good job with this. This is your first impression with your new prospect / your audience, so don’t give them something cheap and flimsy. This is their first impression of what you offer, so make it good!

Get a Free Social Locker WordPress Plugin Right Here

Setting up a social content locker on your WordPress couldn’t get easier than with a free social media locker which you can download right here!

Social Media Content Locker WP Plugin

This free gated content WordPress plugin makes it super simple to hide content on your website in exchange for a share on social media.

Just click on the download button below to be taken to the download page where you can immediately download this free WordPress plugin:

DOWNLOAD written on a button


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