Free Traffic From Social Media

Here’s a really good way I’ve found to bring in more website traffic for free using social media.

  1. Set up a WordPress blog.
  2. Use some nice featured images, which can be shared (960 x 502 works well).
  3. Use the “Revive Old Posts” plugin.
  4. Let it tweet out your posts automagically.
  5. You get traffic.

I just got a retweet from Google Analytics because of doing this:

Also on LinkedIn:

And I saw a nice boost in traffic:

Stats spiking

Which caused me to show up over at Search Engine Roundtable:

Search Engine Roundtable

Promote, promote, promote!

And if you can find some tools to help automate it, you’re money!

The first step, though, is creating content and then making it sharable. Get out and do it.


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