Get Your Own Custom Email Address

Here’s an Easy Way to Get Your Own
Custom Email Address

Let’s face it, sometimes you just want to look cool or have an email address that’s not like everyone else.

I enjoy telling people my email address because it’s my name. I mean, how simple is that?

Or, if you have a business, let’s be real here… giving away an “” email address is really telling the world that you suck at branding. Why advertise Gmail when you could be advertising your own brand instead?

Make Sure Google Can’t Shut Down Your Email Account

When you own your own domain name, it’s yours. You no longer have to worry about Gmail (Google) shutting down your email account.

Google can shut down your Gmail account because they own They don’t have to give you an account for free. They do but there are terms and if you break those terms, your email account can be shut down – instantly! There won’t be any notice or getting it back… it’s gone!

Protect Your Email and Keep it for Life Without Worry!

Protect your email address by owning your own domain. It’s cheap and pretty easy to set up. I’ll show you how, right here.

Let’s Get Started…

A2 Hosting Logo

How to create your own email domain:

Use the host I use: A2 Hosting (I have 2 hosting accounts with them right now). You’ll be signing up for website hosting (since you really can’t just buy email hosting anymore and plans are cheap now anyway), which includes unlimited email addresses.

  1. Go to A2 Hosting
  2. Sign up for their cheapest hosting plan, which starts at around $2.99
  3. As you sign up for hosting, you’ll get to choose a domain name
  4. Once you’re signed up, you’ll get a welcome email with your account information
  5. Login to your cPanel (control panel) and add an email account
  6. Check the instructions on how to check your email

That’s it.

Go to A2 Hosting Now

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