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Beginning Skiing: Tips for Beginners


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A few, great tips can really make a difference on your first day of skiing. This book covers all of this.

In the book, I go over:

  • Equipment
  • Clothing
  • Planning Your Trip
  • Getting Physically Ready
  • The Night Before Your Trip
  • Your First Day of Skiing
  • What to Focus On
  • What to Do After Skiing
  • What to Do On Your Next Trip Back

My goal is to give anyone who is interested in skiing a good “heads up” on what to expect. I also wanted to send anyone who takes a ski lesson with me here to my website to get this book to help them remember what we went over in the lesson.

You also get:

BONUS #1: What to Bring Skiing Checklist
BONUS #2: Ultimate Ski Vacation Guide


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