PayPal scam

Here’s another one – and I do report these to so they can try to shut these phishing sites down. You can forward those emails to PayPal, too.

PayPal phishing email

This one looks pretty except the PayPal logo isn’t right. PayPal wouldn’t mess up their logo like that – they would use their real logo. I’m not sure why these scammers are so dumb.

The subject line of “Manager Service!!” is a major tip-off, of course. What… does that even mean? And exclamation points shout desperation for sure.

The From line:

PayPal scam

Yeah, that’s not PayPal and “Verification” is the name… OK, maybe some people might fall for that but PayPal would use something like “PayPal Verification” or just “PayPal” there, not “Verification.”

Here’s the nefarious link:


Don’t click on those. I did and it kind of looks like the hack/phishing scam was cleaned up.

And… “Confrim” instead of “Confirm”? That’s a misspelling. Anyone sending this to Americans from another country might think that looks right because they don’t know English – watch for those misspellings. That’s a HUGE clue.

But, here’s what gets me…

It’s like these scammers have never had a PayPal account or know what they look like. At this point, I’m just scratching my head… I’m glad the scammers are this stupid but how hard is it to just copy a real PayPal email and change the links? If I were a scammer, that’s how I would do it and it’s, like the easiest way.

Oh, and here’s a nice bonus – I thought this was cute:

PayPal phishing example

They leave a real link on how to identify phishing scams in… the phishing email. I suppose that’s their way of making it look more legit.

Why is the copyright date old? It’s 2020, not 2018.

Don’t fall for this crap. If you want some extra protection for all devices on your network, check this out.


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