Getting Traffic: SEO for Small Business

SEO for Small Business Owners

Get Your Basic SEO Covered!

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My book is for helping small business owners, people in non-profit organization and others make sure their basic SEO (search engine optimization) is covered for their website.

I guide you through the basic things that you should do so that you have a fighting change to rank higher.

If traffic and sales or leads on your website are slow, maybe it’s time to work on your website. Maybe just by making a few changes, you could be getting more traffic.

What You’ll Learn – SEO Small Business Tips

What you learn in the book will help your website rank higher if you apply the principles. The book is simple to read through and understand.

In this book, I’ll show you:

  • How to check your current website to see if it’s set up right. There may be some things you can fix that will improve it right away. This is called “on-site SEO” and it’s powerful.
  • How to optimize existing pages so that they rank higher.
  • How to find out what kind of content you need to add to get your website to rank higher and get more traffic.
  • How to give Google and your website audience the content they want.
  • How to get good links to your website – to help boost it in rankings.
  • How social media should properly be used for your website.
  • The best kind of SEO (search engine optimization) you should be doing.

IMPORTANT: Each chapter gives you a list of items to take action on so that you actually get this work done.

Why Did I Write the Book?

Well, I had some clients that were paying me $230/session to go over this basic SEO that they should know – the same information that’s in this book. They loved the information they got, too!

This told me that this information was valuable – even though, to me, it’s just basic information… but I’ve been doing SEO for 20 years – so, of course, it was basic to me.

Get SEO explained to you simply (in simple terms) in this book.

Who Is The Book For?

It’s for small business owners who need their website to rank higher and I think it’s also for people who have SEO as part of their job at their company. Maybe they need some help or jump start so that they get the basics covered and get the company website ranking better in the search engines.

  • If you’re a small business owner, who works on the company website, this book will be great for you.
  • If you are working at your company and you’re responsible for your website and want to look like a hero, you should get this book.
  • If you are just starting to build a website and want some good advice on what you’ll be doing to get it to rank high, then order this book.
  • If you want to hire an SEO firm to work on your website, then first get this book, go through the steps. This will ensure your basic SEO is covered and you’ll make the company you hire have to work even harder because you already did a good chunk of it.

Make an SEO Company Work Harder

WARNING! If you do what this book says and then later decide to hire a professional SEO company help with your website, you’ll have an unfair advantage and be ahead of the game because they’ll see you’ve already done what you need to – the basics.

They will then have to do the more advanced SEO work since you’ve done the basic work already… and they’ll have to work harder to boost your rankings up further.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Your Website and Google
  3. Using Google Analytics
  4. Using Google Search Console
  5. Proper Page Setup / On-Site SEO
  6. Optimizing for New Keywords
  7. Adding More Content
  8. Lather, Rinse, Repeat
  9. Off-Site SEO
  10. Where to Get Back Links
  11. Conclusion
  12. More Tips
  13. Resources

Get the Book!

Doing what you find in this book is definitely going to give you an advantage, save you money and make you look good in front of your boss!

This is a 42-page book with over 11,000 words, so it’s not one of those books that has 6 lines per page, it’s full of lots of information. Clients of mine have paid me hundreds of dollars for this same, exact information and you get it at an affordable price. Get it now!

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