WordPress – Learn the Gutenberg Editor



Tony Herman

Have you tried to use the Gutenberg editor in WordPress yet?

I tried and at first… yuck, I didn’t like it at all. All I wanted to do was to create a quick post and the normal editor I was used to had vanished. I was lost!

Creating a simple post in WordPress was hard! I hated it!

Well, I got some training and all is well now. It makes sense and I like Gutenberg a lot more.

If you could use some training or tutorials for using Gutenberg, then do I have the deal for you. I honestly can’t believe I’m offering such a deal at this price but I want to make sure everyone who needs training for using the WordPress Gutenberg editor can get that training easily enough and conquer it!

Become a WordPress 5.0 pro with the…

Expert Editing with WordPress 5.0 Video Course

Learn the Gutenberg Editor

In this video course, you get instant access to all this information about the updated version of WordPress:

  1. Overview
  2. Installing WordPress
  3. Basics of WordPress
  4. Backing Up Your WordPress Site
  5. Upgrading to WordPress 5.0
  6. Finding Compatible Themes
  7. Using the Default Theme
  8. The Editor Layout – Part 1
  9. The Editor Layout – Part 2
  10. Adding Blocks
  11. Customizing Blocks
  12. Manipulating Blocks – Part 1
  13. Manipulating Blocks – Part 2
  14. Adding and Customizing Text
  15. Adding Images
  16. Adding Lists
  17. Adding Videos
  18. Adding Audio
  19. Image Overlay
  20. Conclusion

It’s about an hour of training broken into 20 lessons, so you can pick and choose the chapters you want to watch. Starting at lesson #8 is where you learn quite a bit about the Gutenberg editor.

Oops, I Did It Again… The Price is Too Low!

And like I said, it’s super affordable… just $4.99!

Yeah, it’s a no-brainer for that kind of training. Go get it now!