IONOS Phishing Email

Here’s another phishing email that showed up. Let me show you how I can tell this is a phishing email:

IONOS Phishing Email

This one’s kind of funny – look:

“Dear Costumer:”

Is that someone who makes costumes… for Halloween?

They can’t even spell customer right. 🙂

Other tip-offs:

  • “IONOSInc.” without a space between those words… sloppy. Companies don’t do that.
  • It’s from “” and that doesn’t look right.
  • The website you click to (this is just one, large image) is: “” domain. Those “.xyz” domains cost like $2 a year, so this scammer evidently can’t afford a few extra bucks for a domain name.
  • The reply-to is “” which doesn’t make sense.

Don’t get scammed, people!

Check out my book on how to block phishing websites on your entire home network. Set it up once, and you get better protected.


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