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Doesn’t Writing Content… Stink?

Tony HermanHello!

It’s Tony here. Back in 2009, I got into a group (actually, I paid a chunk of change to do it) where we learned how to rank websites at the top of Google. It worked great and I had quite a bit of success. The way we were doing it back then doesn’t work now because Google (for good reasons) changed how they ranked websites but I learned a ton of great things.

The main thing I learned was how to write. I had to write 3-5 articles per day. That’s the goal I set for myself. I’d write them and publish them right away. Back then, those articles only had to be around 300 words each (which is not very long at all) but back then I remember it seemed like a lot of work. I hated writing. I did. Writing them was pretty close to torture, if you would have asked me.

Today, I love writing. I do.

So… what happened?

Well, to be honest, I taught myself how to do it better. I mean, I had to write hundreds of these short articles. Along the way, I picked up things like easy methods to writing, formatting, and ways to find topics for articles. We had a group and we’d discuss these things in the forums (which I was pretty much addicted to). Once a few people gave me some good tips and guidelines on writing, I figured out the rest and polished my own formula that worked.

Am I a great writer? No.

Am I a good writing? I think so.

I’ve learned how to put together articles that keep people engaged and have good tips and good content so they actually learn something and understand it.

I’ve had a number of jobs where I’ve done training. I’ve trained fellow co-workers, skiing students of mine, and even my own employees. What I find is that you need to explain the “how” and the “why” so that it makes sense. People won’t remember your exact words but they will remember the concepts, so explaining how to do something and why that way is good or the best way helps solidify those concepts. When you’ve done that, you’ve then provided value!

This new course is called “Content Factory Mastery” which is a video course:

Content Factory Mastery course

It’s easy and full of good tips and information. It’s a course that’s a recording of a webinar. I thought the course was good, so I purchased the rights to sell it but then I took it a step further. I wanted to make this course even better, so I’ve added my own content to it to make absolutely sure anyone who takes it can not only find ways to get good content on their website but know how to create it.

If you need content for your company website and you want to absolutely crush your competitors, then take this course to learn how!

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