Here are some more good resources for everyone.

How to Start a Blog (

This tutorial gives lots of information about how to start blogging. It includes everything from how to set it up to what to blog about and how to do it. When blogging about your business, you’re going to pretty closely follow what you they talk about in that tutorial except that you already have a niche (topic) chosen (your business industry).

How to Start a Blog in 20 Minutes (

This very long page (it actually takes 20 minutes to read the page, so I think their 20 minute promise falls short) explains how to buy a domain name, set up hosting and how to set up WordPress to get started blogging.

Quick Blogging Tips

Remember that the focus should be on the customer or prospect and help them answer their questions that they might have. You can even ask your current customers what questions that have (or had) to help get you started.

Set a goal to write a certain amount of times per week or per month so that you’re consistently pushing out great content.

In no time, you’ll be writing what works and you’ll be getting more traffic to your website.


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