Free SSL Badge for Your Website


If you would like to increase trust with your website visitors, then make sure your website loads all pages securely.

It also helps to have a badge at the bottom of your website showing it’s secure, so here’s a free one you can use – just right click and save it or click it to see it by itself and then save it:

SSL Secure

Once you save the image, here’s the code to use:

<img src="path/to/ssl-secure-seal.png" width="187" height="90" alt="SSL Secure">

Change “path/to/” above to be the actual URL of the image. So, if you save the image above and put the image in the root directory of your website, you would use this code:

<img src="/ssl-secure-seal.png" width="187" height="90" alt="SSL Secure">

Let’s add a confirmation link, too.

And then if you want to link it to somewhere so people can check to make sure your website is secure, you can do that as well. Just use the code below and replace “URL” with your full URL (including the https:// part) – this is again when you put the image from above in the root (main/first) directory of your website):

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="/ssl-secure-seal.png" width="187" height="90" alt="SSL Secure"></a>

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