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I was searching around for an email opt-in page template that was responsive, used static HTML and was free but I couldn’t find one.

I either had to join expensive programs that cost between $47-97 per month (or more!) or I found opt-in pages that were entire websites, which were overkill and not what I needed. I couldn’t believe there was nothing in between and I wanted something that was simple and worked.

Why couldn’t I find anything? Weird!

Since I couldn’t find one, I made one WORTH $27. I’m offering it for FREE here. Just enter your email address and it’s yours – it’ll arrive in an email.

And if You Don’t Want to Mess with HTML Code…

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Check Out a Preview!

You can use this page template for your opt-in pages or for whatever you want – here’s how it looks:

It’s a static HTML template and I put in some comments to make it easy to edit – here is how the code looks – I highlighted examples of where you change the code with your text:

Code example showing what to do

To change the background, replace the “bg.jpg” image with whatever image you want to use.

And that’s it.

Here’s how it looks:

Opt-in Squeeze Page With Form

Enter your email above and you’ll receive a .zip file with everything you need. It’s pretty lightweight. Since it’s static HTML, it doesn’t make any database connections, so it will load fast as long as your background image isn’t large or is optimized.

It’s based off of a bootstrap template, so it’ll load nicely and work on mobile devices.


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