Help! I Put Info in a Form on a Website and There’s an Error. How Do I Recover It?


Help buttonI submitted a form (via the POST method) and the page on the server I was submitting to (Basecamp in this instance) gave me a 500 Internal Server Error page. Crap! That post took me an hour to create… but I was able to get the data back and submit it again successfully. I’ll explain how to do it in Firefox.

First, don’t close the tab! If you did, go up into History and restore it. If you’ve shut down Firefox already, then I’d say you’re out of luck but if you still have it open and can restore the tab showing the error page, you’re in luck.

Next, go to:

Tools > Web Developer > Network

There will be a button there to reload the page. Do that.

It’ll ask you to resubmit the data. Do that.

Click on the POST line on the left and the right side will open with some variables. Here’s how that looks doing a Google search:

Next, click on Params as I’ve noted above.

Somewhere in that section, you should see the data you submitted. Copy everything there and paste it into a plain text document (TextWrangler or Notepad – not Microsoft Word).

You can then find what you submitted and send it again or save it.

People ask me why I like Firefox and it’s for situations like this.


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