Where You Host Your Website Matters

When starting a website, one opportunity you should take advantage of is fast website hosting. Google wants to give the best results and they check how fast your website loads and if it’s available (up and online), so you need a website host that offers hosting that is fast and a host that has excellent uptime.

Your Website Hosting Affects Your Ranking

If your website is comparable to your competition’s website but your website loads faster, you’ll rank higher.

Get a competitive edge when your website loads faster than your competition and it all starts with the hosting. This works because you’re providing the best user experience to people who visit your website. THAT is what search engines want – so give it to them.

SSD Website Hosting

One type of hosting that is really fast is called “SSD hosting.” The SSD means solid state hard drives. Think of them as flash drives or thumb drives – it’s about the same thing. These hard drives have no moving parts, so they work a LOT faster (up to 300% in some cases). You’re seeing computers and laptops out on the market with solid state drives and they’re lightning fast! I’ve been using SSD hosting and it’s noticeably faster.

Again, you want to take advantage of every opportunity that’s out there since search engine ranking depend on many factors. Switching to SSD hosting is a no-brainer and it’s probably something your competition is overlooking.

Which Website Host Do You Choose?

networking-hostingWhen comparing website hosting, there are a number of key factors to look for. First is if they use these SSD drives and most hosts now offer it. Second, check their uptime and how reliable their service is. Fourth, their customer service must be really good so that you get help with any issues that might come up. Fifth, the price must be good.

Cheap Hosting is Not Always the Best

Think about website hosting as neighborhoods. There’s the cheap, lower income hosting neighborhoods out there. It’s alright to save a buck on hosting but do you think the people that want the cheap hosting are making sure their website software is always up to date? Do you see a lot of people in lower income neighborhoods doing the best home maintenance and upkeep?

Then there’s the hosting that’s a few bucks more but it’s in a better neighborhood. The host checks on your website and lets you know if things need to be updated. They do that to everyone in that neighborhood. Do you think that hosting is going to be better and have less problems? Definitely.

That’s what A2 Hosting is from my perspective. They’re absolutely perfect if you’re starting a new website or even if you’re just looking for a better host. Their support is great, they use the SSD drives and they also tune their servers to make WordPress run faster. They call it “Turbo Hosting” and I have some websites with them.

A Quick Story About A2 Hosting

We had a website that we just couldn’t run on our own servers anymore. The software on it was too old and the client didn’t want to upgrade for some reason (we’re still scratching our heads on that one). We had to move it so we got an account at A2 Hosting for this client.

Not only did the website run a lot faster, A2 went in and took care of a fix to the old software that website was running on – they plugged a known hole… for free. I was really impressed by that. To me, that shows they really want our business and that’s the kind of company you want as a website host.

Benefits of A2 Hosting

Along with the SSD (solid state) drive, which are really fast, they offer tuned WordPress hosting. When you get their hosting, WordPress is already set up for you. You can have WordPress set up for you right when you place your order or there’s a 1-click install once you get your hosting. It’s easy!

They also have the A2 Optimized plugin:

A2 Optimized is a WordPress plugin, exclusive to A2 Hosting customers, providing auto-configuration for your site so you get the best WordPress performance and security. With auto-optimizations like compression and caching, you can turn your focus to building your site and writing content.

It can make your website load up to 6 times faster. Who here likes slow websites? Nobody.

A2 Hosting Coupon Code

Save money right now on A2 Hosting with this coupon code:

Shared Hosting Coupon Code: SAVEFAST

Save 51% on your first billing cycle for your new Web Hosting package with coupon code SAVEFAST during checkout.

If you don’t have a domain name yet, that’s fine – you can order it while you order your hosting.


In my years online, I have tried a lot of website hosts. I’ve put a third party website monitoring service on all the hosting I get because I want to know when my websites are down. Virtually every website host out there goes down once in a while but I’ve seen some pretty interesting things – like how Hostgator hosting goes down quite a lot. For me, that’s the bad neighborhood/ghetto of website hosting.

If you start generating traffic to your website and it’s not up or loads too slowly, then you’re losing revenue. All that effort into getting traffic is useless if your host has problems keeping your website running well. My best advice to you is to go with a website host that is reliable, has great service and as very fast hosting.

A2 Hosting Features

Ok, one more thing… take a look at this long list of features they offer… crazy!


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