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Email lists! You’re probably on a few (hopefully on mine!). You get offers for stores or companies updating you on their products or services.

Well, having your own email list is an asset. It’s something you own and can use to promote products to people who want them. I like using it to send out updates, tips, and then occasionally some offers I think are useful. I value my list and don’t send them trash.

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The value of a list is it’s yours and you can send things to it whenever you want. It’s traffic you control – versus traffic from Google, which can disappear in an instant!

You don’t have to be in the “make money online” industry to have and use a list… nope. Email lists work for virtually any kind of business out there. If you have a business and don’t have a list, now is the time to start building this asset!

Let’s dive into lists a bit – mainly the basics.

Email List Basics

"Email" written on a noteWhat you use is a service like GetResponse, who hosts your list. They make it easy to compose and send out messages. They also help people subscribe and unsubscribe.

Your niche (the industry you’re in) can be anything. It can be how to care for a lawn, how to come up with good gift ideas, how to do marketing for plumbers, and so on… whatever you’re an expert at.

You then come up with something of value to give away – like a PDF full of good information / resources, a course you came up with, a video you made or found, etc. We call these items lead magnets because they’re magnets to getting leads (email addresses).

Yeah, it can be as simple as finding good links to websites using Google, throwing them into a Word document, printing to PDF and then offering that as a free gift on your website. Just make sure there’s some real value there.

This first offer won’t cost people anything. You don’t want to sell them something right away.

Once they sign up, you can send them to an offer since this is a great time to sell. So instead of just having a boring page that says “Thank You” once they sign up, have an offer there. If it’s a good offer, it should convert well and this kind of traffic is perfect.

Sending to Your List

Once you have a list built, you can send out email to them and that is when things like compelling headlines come into play. You have to make sure people actually open and read your emails. You do that with a headline they just can’t pass up. You have to make them think that if they don’t read your email, they’re really missing out on something.

Another way is an open loop where you do a tease and for them to find out what you’re talking about, they have to read your email to close that loop (psychology!).

The beauty part is, once you have your list, you can send to them any time you want. You’re not waiting for Google traffic but the traffic is there – at your fingertips. You create your own traffic – just give people a reason to click on links in your email (provide value that matches their interests).

Learn More Now!

This is just an introduction to email marketing. I found a great resource you’ll absolutely love, which dives deep into email marketing. Go check it out:

Email Marketing: The Definitive Guide (

Don’t forget to check out some of my courses while you’re here and learn some more about internet marketing.



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