Fake Dropbox email

I got another good one… a fake Dropbox email this time. And these guys are stepping up their game a little bit, too.

From: Dropbox

Subject: New files received.


You just received new files to your Dropbox

You just received new files from one of your members on Dropbox, login to view your new added files.

Fake Dropbox email

Let’s Pick it Apart

The “From:” field is actually allison@drkahner.com, which is not Dropbox. Dropbox would not send an email from that address. The drkahner.com website looks like it might be legit but it’s possible she was hacked.

There’s not a lot of bad English on this one since there isn’t a lot of text.

But who are my members?

I have members?

Here’s the link:


When I click on it, I get a phishing warning because of the protection I’ve put on my system:

Phishing warning message

I’m glad I have that.

The email was sent from Tacoma, WA:

IP Address info for

Yup… not a lot to go on here. I’m glad I have that phishing email protection in place. I think this one might catch a few people napping.

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