A nice thing to have on your website are the icons that appear in the browser address bar or when someone bookmarks your website on their computer or mobile device. These icons help with branding and they make your website look more professional. Any kind of small, finishing touch you can put on your website makes it look more trustworthy. When you ask people to buy something or take some kind of action on your website, small things like this will help them decide to take action.

This video takes you through setting up the favicon file as well as all the other icons you’ll need:

Here are the websites that I reference:

The first site also has a gallery of some pre-made website icons you can download and use if you don’t have an image editor or aren’t sure how to make images that will work for these icons.

I also found this one, which actually is probably the best – lots of options and it generates the code for you for ALL the website icons you’ll need:

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