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Need a High-Converting Sales Page for Your Book or Product?

Tony HermanHi Everyone!
Ok, I’ve been looking for this for a long time.

You know, those great pages you see online selling the latest Internet Marketing book, product, or method. They’re often called squeeze pages or sales letter pages. They do a nice job but I didn’t want to pay through the nose like going to ClickFunnels (how do you pay through the nose anyway?).

Seriously, why couldn’t I find a way to build product/book sales pages without going to ClickFunnels?

I searched Google for things like this:

  • free responsive sales page template
  • wp sales page theme
  • free responsive sales page template
  • responsive static html sales letter dreamweaver
  • im sales letter html kit
  • clickfunnels alternative free
  • internet market sales letter template html free
  • book sales page html responsive bootstrap

for a long time and I found nothing! Nothing good anyway. It was all old and outdated… yuck!

The only solution seemed to be ClickFunnels, which is like $297 per month. Crazy! I almost gave in but I did some more research. I figured something good HAD to be out there!

A little while ago, I needed a responsive opt-in page template and I made one (a nice, email opt-in page, which I’m giving away for free) but after that, I wanted something similar but for a sales page to sell my books in that Internet Marketing / sales letter style that works really well.

Finally I found one that works great. You can keep your existing WordPress theme since it’s a plugin, not a theme (no need to go to a multi-site setup or use another domain) and add in the tools you need to create sales letter pages that look and work REALLY well. All the features you need are there, too!

It’s called InstaBuilder!


Holy buckets! It’s got everything you need! It sold over 6,000 copies in just 7 days!

It’s drag and drop – what could be easier than that?

You can create funnels, run split tests, countdown timers, exit popups – you name it!

And then the coolest feature I think it has is… you can export to HTML!
I mean that makes everything SO SIMPLE and it’ll load quickly!

It has built-in, pre-made templates to help you start or you can generate pages from scratch – it’s up to you. You get welcome pages, coming soon pages, just tons of great ways to use it.

The first thing I did was I made some nice looking pages to sell some of my domain name inventory I had. I exported them to HTML and just loaded up a single file to each domain’s web hosting space. It was really easy.

Check out an example of a sales page I created in about 15-20 minutes – CLICK

So if you’ve been looking for a ClickFunnels alternative like I was, you’re going to be really happy with InstaBuilder. It’s feature rich without the high cost!

The best thing is…

You pay once! Just $77!

This truly is an alternative to ClickFunnels if you’re just getting started with Internet Marketing. They have a 60-day guarantee, so there’s really nothing to lose. Try it and if you don’t like it, just ask for your money back. Crazy.

Get InstaBuilder!

Combine InstaBuilder with some excellent formulas for selling things online (my sales letter template formula guide) and you have a winning combination!


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